Public Warning

It has come to our notice that few messages have been floating around on social media platforms stating names of doctors associated with Apollo Hospitals being misrepresented purporting to offer money for organ donation and organ trading. Notice of information is hereby provided that neither Apollo Hospitals nor any of the doctors associated with Apollo Hospitals is involved in such social media engagements. The social media posts are totally false & fake.

Apollo Hospitals does not solicit donation of human organs from the general public through social media or through phone calls or WhatsApp messages. Apollo Hospitals runs a very successful transplant program which is carried out in accordance with the multiple acts & rules on the Transplantation of Human Organs. There is also a Zonal Transplant Committee, which is an independent government body, which reviews the allocation and usage of the organ donation in the region. Any trading of human organs is illegal and punishable under the law.

We urge people not be misled by such communication purportedly made by individuals posing as representatives of Apollo Hospitals engaging in human organ trade. Apollo Hospitals is not liable for any loss that may ensue from such unauthorised acts committed by third parties misrepresenting themselves as agents/authorised representatives from the hospital.

The general public is encouraged to report such social media post or messages to the concerned authorities and not to deal/engage in any manner with any person/agency offering any benefits in cash or kind for organ donation. Apollo Hospitals is taking appropriate legal action in this matter.

Spokesperson, Apollo Hospital

Public Warning

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