Utilizing Robot in spine surgery can improve the execution and outcomes, In a wide variety of procedures, including: minimally-invasive and percutaneous pedicle screw fixation for complex spinal deformity, and vertebral augmentation. Surgical treatment of the spine requires careful planning and precision, accounting for the patient’s own unique anatomy. With Robotics, 3D planning, the surgeon creates a highly-personalized surgical plan prior to the surgery.

During the procedure, the surgeon uses mechanical guidance to perform the procedure with unparalleled precision – providing consistent results and optimal outcomes for all patients.


Patient Outcomes

Perioperative course and accuracy of screw positioning in conventional, open robotic-guided and percutaneous robotic-guided, pedicle screw placement.

Promotes Faster Recovery

Patients can experience faster recovery time, allowing them to return to their daily activities in less time than those who received surgeries via traditional methods.

Reduced Post-operative Pain

Clinical studies have shown patients may experience less pain following spine procedures performed with the assistance of the Robotics.

Lower Complication Rates

Clinical studies based on surgeries performed with Robotics System have shown increased favorable patient outcomes, including lower surgery complication rates.

Increased Accuracy

With the help of Robotics, spine surgery accuracy is increased. 3D planning software maps out the procedure, while the Robotic System guides the surgeon’s tools within 1.5mm accuracy.

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