Cancer is a ruthless disease. It evolves constantly and spreads relentlessly. It’s hard to catch and even harder to treat. But that is about to change, with Precision Oncology. Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai unique approach to diagnosing, treating and monitoring Cancer that is as precise as it can get.

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Cancer Is Conquerable

Cancer is Conquerable. And you can conquer it too. With precision, with Apollo Hospitals. Stay a step ahead of Cancer with Apollo Cancer Centre, Navi Mumbai.

Tumor Board Consultation

Receive personalized care, diagnosis and therapies for oncological diseases with specialized organ-specific tumor boards at Apollo Cancer Centre. These boards consists of experts from all around involved to discuss diagnostics and therapy options for patients, providing the most beneficial and effective treatment.

Precise Diagnostics

Radiology and imaging sciences are key facets in the delivery of high end diagnostics in cancer care. Our continuous innovation and development in these vital fields have had tremendous positive impact in the fight against cancer. Radiology has evolved from purely diagnostic devices to interventional technologies. New contrast agents in MRI, X-ray and ultrasound enable physicians to make diagnoses and plan therapies with greater precision than ever before. At Apollo Cancer Centre, we ensure that we have the latest equipment to ensure better and earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Liquid Biopsy

A first in India, this revolutionary test detects cancer extremely accurately with a simple blood test. Reducing the risk and limitations of traditional biopsies.

Tumor Tissue Analysis

Any tissue from a tumor has all the information we need to predict its ability to spread and grow. For the first time in the world, at Apollo, we can test for all the 20,000 known cancer pathways.

Precise Treatment

Be it chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery, at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, we’ve made our treatment methodologies far more precise and effective.

Medical Oncology

Personalised chemotherapy

Taking a shift from the regular procedures of giving chemotherapy and general drug treatment to any cancer patient, the high end therapeutic method is the next level of treating cancer with more personalised drugs. With the help of various investigations, this trend of high end therapeutics that includes various diagnostic tests, and profiling, gives an indication as to whether a particular drug will be beneficial in treating cancer for a patient and how the body of the particular patient will respond when that drug is administered. This kind of treatment is more focused and personalised and is more valuable in combating cancer and helping the patient to conquer it more effectively and efficiently.

Molecular profiling

The Oncology specialists at Apollo Cancer Centre conduct Molecular Profiling and Genetic Profiling using high end therapeutic techniques. Under Molecular Profiling, the cancer tissue sample collected for biopsy or the patient’s blood sample undergoes molecular biology tests which predict the patient’s chance of responding to cancer drugs when administered for treatment. Accordingly the treatment is customised to the needs of the patient.

Genetic profiling

In Genetic Profiling the gene mutation of the cancerous cells are checked to predict whether the patient can respond to a particular drug or not. The genes of the patient will help in judging the effectiveness of a method of appropriate cancer treatment.

We use this protocol to treat the various types of cancers such as:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Lymphomas
  • Leukaemia
  • Head and Neck Cancer


We understand that undergoing chemotherapy is not easy for a patient, given its side effects. Chemotherapy is administered at dedicated short stay Chemotherapy wards with strict protocols of infection control and a warm and cheery ambience, as well as specially trained nursing staff.

Surgical Oncology

Complex tumour removals are skilfully performed by Apollo’s highly trained and motivated surgical oncologists. They are ably supported by dedicated operating theatres, recovery and ICU staff. Apollo’s success rate in oncology surgeries is comparable to that of the best centres in the world. Specialized surgeries like skull base, commando, liver resection, micro vascular reconstructions of flaps, extensive resection of hepatic and lung tumours, limb conserving surgery in bone tumours, laparoscopic surgery in staging and diagnosis, and the like are performed with high success rates.

Radiation Oncology

Apollo Cancer Centre’s comprehensive care is supported by technology and innovative techniques in High Precision Radiation oncology. High tech radiation oncology is used to treat not only small tumours located in critical areas but is useful in large tumours as well. Experts at Apollo Cancer Centre, from a range of disciplines, come together to assess a patient’s suitability for the therapy, which is delivered using a number of precisely-targeted stereotactic beams. The 4-dimensional CT scanner is useful in planning treatment to track the tumour’s position as it moves when the patient breathes, guaranteeing a high degree of accuracy and potentially fewer side effects by limiting irradiation of the surrounding normal tissues.

TrueBeam STx

The TrueBeam STx system is an innovative solution that is fast and powerful, giving clinicians the ability to navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence, including challenging cases in the brain, spine, lung, liver and prostate. TrueBeam STx combines imaging, beam delivery and sophisticated motion management to accurately and precisely target tumours with speed.


Cancer care today means 360 degree comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise and an indomitable spirit from the cancer specialists. It also demands innovation and a fresh way of thinking. We have under one roof, the best minds in Cancer to discuss and deliberate the emerging trends in this field and their impact on clinical practice. They represent decades of experience and expertise in cutting-edge oncology. The Apollo Oncology Team brings together the brightest minds in surgical, medical & radiation oncology, along with a complete range of high-end ancillary experts.

Organ-specific tumour boards and clinicians – the expertise here is as precise as the approach. Oncologists specialise in function and with organs too, making treatment yet more precise and personalised.

The largest network of Oncologists – There is an Apollo Cancer Centre in every corner of India. Making it a formidable force against cancer.

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