Paediatric Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Paediatric Cardio Thoracic Surgery in Mumbai

The Department of Paediatric Cardio – Thoracic Surgery has evolved into one of the leading units in the country. The team boasts of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, surgical assistants dedicated paediatric cardiac anaesthetists and capable perfusionists. Dedicated nurses and technicians contribute to efficient and quick surgical procedures in the operating room. The patients are among the sickest preterm babies as small as 850 gms, neonates (newborn babies) weighing as little as 2-3 kgs and as old as few hours or days. The Paediatric cardiac surgeries undertaken here are among the most complex including arterial switch operations, TAPVC repairs, truncus arteriosus operations etc. All complex congenital lesions have been dealt with successfully. The team also gets involved in paediatric heart transplants, ECMO procedures and conjoined twin surgeries. The team has simplified a lot of procedures such as mitral and aortic valve repairs for rheumatic heart disease and created their own right-ventricle to pulmonary artery conduits.

The post-operative Cardio-Thoracic intensive care unit is a dedicated area and the pride of the unit. The team of surgeons, cardiologists, anaesthetists and nurses work in tandem with the paediatric critical care group. The paediatric critical care group has a large team of doctors who deliver care 24 x 7 to our children following heart surgery. Pain, ventilation, fine-tuning of the heart, nutrition, anxiety-management and infection-prevention are all coordinated and delivered by this multidisciplinary group of talented medical and paramedical professionals.

The infrastructure consists of a dedicated paediatric cardiac operating room and a separate cardiac ICU.

The unit prides itself in its team spirit and the sense of professionalism that drives each member to fight for the life of each child committed to their care. The results are exceptional and each surgery is done with the same precision as a military strike with an opposite effect-saving a life.

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