Glycosylated hemoglobin (HBA1C) – Whole blood 1
TSH: Thyroid stimulating hormone – Serum 1
ALT(SGPT) – Serum / Plasma 1
AST (SGOT) – Serum 1
Lipid profile test (package) 1
Consultation-Bariatric Physician/Surgeon 4
Body composition analysis 4
Diet counselling 4
Creatinine – Serum / Plasma 1
Consultation- Psychologist 8
Consultation- Physiotherapist 24

The 8 Week Obesity weight management programme offers a scientific and holistic approach to tackling Obesity. Obesity is a complex disease for which there is not necessarily a single cause. Rather it is caused by an interplay of several factors all of which act synergistically for a person to gain weight. It needs to be dealt in a fashion which ensures that each and every component of the disease is looked at.

We bring to you a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will be with you in your journey to gain your life back and put you on a path to lose weight. The 8-week programme offers the following:

  • Expert guidance of a dietician who will work with you to modify your diet to make it healthier and suitable in caloric content for you to achieve your goals. The input of the dietician will be every 2 weeks with assessments from a self-maintained food diary. At some point typically around 4 weeks into the plan you will be asked to go on a low calorie diet for 2 weeks designed to achieve a significant weight loss in a short 2 week period. We would aim to keep your diet as close to what you normally eat with suitable modifications. You are expected to see the dietician at least 4 times during this 8 week programme with intervening inputs as necessary.
  • A supervised exercise programme under the auspices of a trained exercise physiotherapist, where the aim will be to mobilise your arm and leg muscles and help your aches and pains if you have any. This is done rigorously and you will be expected to attend three times a week for this 8 week period. If you have a facility of exercising near your residence and would prefer to come instead twice a week it may be looked at after discussion with the physiotherapist. We would hope to improve your exercise tolerance objectively within defined criteria.
  • An insight into your eating habits and lifestyle with the help of a clinical psychologist with a view to making positive changes to attain your long term goal of weight loss. The psychologist will do your assessment with the help of validated scientific questionnaires and an interview. After your assessment they will be able to decide about further input and as to the number of times you will need to be seen. 4 visits to the psychologist over the 8 weeks have been factored in but if more sessions are needed, they will have to be looked at outside the programme but hopefully run in tandem with the programme.
  • Assessment by a Bariatric Physician and a Surgeon to look into your other health issues such as control of Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea etc. suggesting further tests as necessary and optimizing your medication. We may consider altering your medication or adding some more as we go along to try and optimize the medication to get the best results for you. If further tests are advised they will be only done if needed for your medical condition. The surgeon will be able to discuss your suitability for bariatric surgery and will give you some insight into pros and cons of the same and whether you will be suitable for surgery or not.
  • A number of blood tests and an ECG as a baseline to ensure that there are no health issues which need to be addressed before the commence and a complimentary breakfast will be provided on the day you come for the tests.
  • A check of demographic parameters and Body Composition Analysis( BCA) will be done at the beginning and end of programme. Apart from that your BCA will also be measured midway through the programme. BCA is important to determine the body fat mass and how it changes with exercise. That really is the crucial component of weight loss. We would hope to see a change in the body fat composition from the beginning to the end of programme.

Communication & co-ordination

We have a co-ordinator for the programme who works exclusively with the Institute of Bariatric Sciences to ensure that your programme runs smoothly and flexibly.

What after the 8 weeks?

We would hope that you would have a degree of weight loss and change of lifestyle after this programme and that sets you well on the way to long term planning and awareness of your health. There is always the facility available to continue for a further period of time if you so wish. Also, if you think that surgery is the right option in the long term for you, then, you have the added advantage of deducting the cost of this programme from the total cost of your surgical package.

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