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    Institute of Vascular Surgery Doctors

    Institute of Vascular Surgery – Apollo Hospitals

    The Institute of Vascular Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, deals with diseases associated with the vascular system, which involves the blood vessels, including the veins, arteries, and the lymphatic system. Our team of highly skilled vascular and endovascular surgeons performs the best varicose vein surgery in Bangalore, treating various types of blood vessel problems and lymphatic system conditions with utmost clinical expertise to fully restore a person to full health and well-being, regardless of the patient’s age. The top varicose vein surgeons in Bangalore have extensive experience, coupled with a team approach and research prowess, enabling the team to deliver successful treatment outcomes to each patient.

    What are Varicose Veins?

    Varicose veins are large, bulging veins in the legs that can cause a range of symptoms in different people. They can occur in almost anyone, and sometimes, there may be a genetic predisposition to developing varicose veins. Females, obese individuals, and women with multiple children may be at a higher risk of developing varicose veins.

    While some people may experience no symptoms at all, others may have symptoms such as:

    • Pain
    • Swelling
    • Itching
    • Burning
    • Heaviness or tiredness of the legs
    • Skin discoloration
    • Skin tears
    • Bleeding

    In some cases, complications may arise, which may or may not be dangerous, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This condition can lead to clots in the deep veins that may travel to the heart or lungs, requiring prompt medical treatment with blood thinners.

    How is Varicose Vein Diagnosed by Varicose Specialists in Bangalore?

    Varicose veins can be diagnosed by a vascular surgeon who may inquire about the patient’s medical history and symptoms. They may also conduct a physical examination to observe the veins in the legs while standing. Sometimes, a painless ultrasound may be recommended to identify problematic varicose veins and determine the best course of treatment.

    What Treatments are Performed by the Top Varicose Vein Surgeons in Bangalore?

    Varicose veins are caused by a condition called chronic venous insufficiency, along with poorly functioning valves that allow blood to pool in the lower leg and cause symptoms. The best varicose specialists in Bangalore may address varicose veins based on symptom occurrence by recommending compression stockings or elevating the feet. Knee-high stockings can provide comfort while compressing the veins, helping to relieve symptoms, such as swelling and/or aching. Using these stockings may also prevent blood from flowing down and pooling in the legs.

    The top varicose vein surgeons at Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore, Karnataka, offer comprehensive treatment for varicose veins if symptoms persist. They may provide varicose vein surgery in Bangalore with the utmost care and expertise through ablation therapy and sclerotherapy.

    Ablation Therapy

    Ablation therapy is employed for varicose vein treatment when the affected veins are sufficiently straight, as determined by an ultrasound. Different forms of ablation therapy, such as laser radiofrequency or mechanical injection, may be used. Ablation therapy is a painless, minimally invasive procedure for treating varicose veins that involves placing a catheter into a vein and treating the vein through the ablation catheter. This procedure takes about 20 minutes to complete. Afterward, compression stockings are wrapped around the patient’s legs.


    When the affected veins are not sufficiently straight for treatment through ablation therapy, the top vein surgeons in Bangalore may use sclerotherapy for varicose vein treatment. In this treatment, a small needle is inserted into a vein with the help of an ultrasound, and a chemical known as a sclerosant needs to be injected, causing the vein to spasm and clot. Such clots are naturally broken down by the body, leading to the disappearance of varicose veins.

    What are the Common Procedures Performed by Varicose Specialists in Bangalore?

    At the Institute of Vascular Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we are committed to providing patient-centric, best-in-class treatment for a wide range of vascular conditions and problems. We ensure that all our patients are well taken care of by the best varicose specialists in Bangalore with the utmost expertise and compassion. Some of the common procedures performed by our varicose specialists include the following:

    • Arm Artery Disease
    • Aortic Dissection
    • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Connective Tissue Disorder (CTD)
    • Chronic Venous Insufficiency
    • Portal Hypertension
    • Stroke
    • Giant Cell Arteritis
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Peripheral Arterial Disease
    • Vascular Infections
    • Varicose Veins
    • Vascular Trauma

    Why Choose Apollo Hospitals for Varicose Surgery in Bangalore?

    At the Institute of Vascular Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, we are dedicated to providing the supreme quality of clinical services for the treatment of vascular issues. We work tirelessly with the primary goal of patient comfort and cure in mind. Our team of highly qualified varicose specialists in Bangalore takes immense care to provide the most accurate evaluation of vascular conditions and appropriate treatment, backed by state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities, along with highly trained medical professionals. They are adept at offering non-surgical and surgical methods of varicose vein treatment, with a high rate of success over the years of practice.


    Q1. Does varicose surgery in Bangalore treat varicose veins?

    Ans. The top vascular specialist in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals Karnataka may recommend surgical treatment for varicose veins if non-surgical methods do not yield satisfactory results. They perform varicose vein surgeries with precision and expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Q2. Which varicose specialist in Bangalore is best for varicose vein treatment?

    Ans. Vascular surgeons excel in treating varicose veins through both non-surgical and surgical procedures. The leading varicose vein surgeons in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals use minimally invasive methods, such as ablation therapy and sclerotherapy.

    Q3. Is massaging good enough for treating varicose veins?

    Ans. While massaging varicose veins may offer temporary relief from pain and aches, it cannot provide a permanent solution. In some cases, it might even pose a risk for individuals with deep vein thrombosis. Therefore, it is advisable not to massage varicose veins and instead seek treatment from a varicose specialist in Bangalore for a proper diagnosis and appropriate care.

    Q4. What is the success rate of varicose vein surgery in Bangalore?

    Ans. Varicose vein surgery in Bangalore boasts a high success rate, typically ranging between 95-100% after a single treatment. Less than 5% of patients may require follow-up treatment or a touch-up within 6 to 12 months following the initial varicose vein surgery or treatment.

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