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Precise Diagnostics and Equipment


Radiology and imaging sciences are key facets in the delivery of high end diagnostics in cancer care. Our continuous innovation and development in these vital fields have had tremendous positive impact in the fight against cancer. Radiology has evolved from purely diagnostic devices to interventional technologies. New contrast agents in MRI, X-ray and ultrasound enable physicians to make diagnoses and plan therapies with greater precision than ever before. Be it the Philips Gemini Time-Of-Flight, the 64-Slice PET-CT scan system or the 64-Slice Multi Detector Computerised Axial Tomography scan or the 3D Mammography, we ensure that we have the latest equipment to ensure better and earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Liquid Biopsy - A first in India, this revolutionary test detects cancer extremely accurately with a simple blood test. Reducing the risk and limitations of traditional biopsies.

Tumor Tissue Analysis - Any tissue from a tumor has all the information we need to predict its ability to spread and grow. For the first time in the world, at Apollo, we can test for all the 20,000 known cancer pathways.

Gallium 68 Scan

Gallium 68 (G68) scan allows surgeons to pinpoint the precise location of Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) before beginning a surgery. More and more patients are diagnosed with NETs each year in India; these tumors are slow in growth but are very likely to spread.

The benefits of Gallium (G68):

  • Quick and easy scan
  • Less discomfort to the patient
  • Molecular imaging - precise scanning
  • The newer generation hardware increases the sensitivity of the system thereby reduces the scan time for the patients significantly
  • Reduced administration of Radiopharmaceuticals helps in reducing the radiation dose to the patients
  • Wide bore and short tunnel helps in reducing the claustrophobia and also is convenient for obese patients.
  • Identifies undetected lesion; means better management for the patients

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