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    Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

    Gynaecology & Obstetrics – Apollo Hospitals

    The Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, has on board some of the best gynecologists in Bangalore, offering an entire spectrum of gynecological services dealing with female reproductive health. Over the years, the fields of gynecology and obstetrics have evolved and are now combinedly practiced by the top gynecologist specialist in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka. Our department is equipped with the latest facilities and staffed with a well-experienced team of medical professionals to provide the best patient-centric care.

    What do the best Gynecologists in Bangalore do at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka?

    The most famous gynecologist in Bangalore at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, deals with the care of pregnant women as well as their neonates. The department also deals with the prenatal care of the fetus along with postnatal care for the mother post-delivery. Apart from gestational care of women, the department also offers diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of diseases or disorders of the female reproductive system.

    Our process of diagnosis is based on careful evaluation and expert collaboration among medical professionals coming together from different disciplines to share their insights based on analysis. We provide a safe and supportive space for women to seek professional gynecological care. We treat all kinds of gynecological problems with supreme expertise and clinical acumen with minimally invasive methodologies that rely on state-of-the-art high-end technology.

    What services are offered by the Best Gynecologist in Bangalore?

    Obstetricians and gynecologists perform different duties as professionals. Obstetricians at Apollo Hospitals deal with the problems that may arise during childbirth, mainly –

    • Cesarean delivery: When vaginal delivery is not a viable option for delivery, surgical delivery (Caesarian) is performed by our experienced obstetrician.
    • External cephalic version: Turning a baby’s head inside the womb in the right direction for delivery.
    • Cervical cerclage: This is a procedure performed to strengthen a woman’s cervix for the purpose of preventing miscarriages.

    Gynecologists at Apollo Hospitals deal with both medical and surgical means of treating a condition or disorder of the female reproductive system. They perform surgeries such as hysterectomy, laparoscopy, and cone biopsies. The best gynecologist in Bangalore at Apollo Hospitals offers a comprehensive system of health checkups and management of gynecological disorders. They also offer guidance and care to pregnant women from the first day of visit till delivery.

    The services offered by the ObGyn department include:

    • Routine pregnancy care
    • High-risk pregnancy management and care
    • Painless labor
    • Laparoscopic surgery for gynecological disorders and diseases
    • Colonoscopy
    • Advanced special care unit for premature babies and neonates
    • Hysteroscopic surgery, including hysteroscopic myomectomy, septum resection, tubal cannulation, adhesiolysis, endometrial resection
    • Thermachoice uterine ablation therapy
    • Gynecological oncology
    • Parenthood planning and assistance services

    What conditions are treated by a Gynecologist near me in Bangalore?

    Bangalore best gynecologist at Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, treats a variety of conditions related to the female reproductive system. Some of the conditions commonly treated by gynecologists include the following:

    • Problems relating to fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause
    • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) & sexually transmitted disease (STD)
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
    • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Fecal incontinence
    • Endometriosis and other chronic conditions
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Benign and malignant tumors of the female reproductive organs
    • Premalignant conditions like endometrial hyperplasia and cervical dysplasia
    • Congenital abnormalities of the female reproductive system

    When should you consult a Gynaecologist Specialist in Bangalore?

    Consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore when a woman faces issues in reproductive health at any time in life, particularly during events like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. If a person is facing one or more of the following symptoms, it is important to seek advice from a famous gynecologist in Bangalore.

    • Irregular periods
    • Irregular discharge
    • Bleeding during intercourse
    • Painful intercourse
    • Chronic pelvic pain
    • Lumps or bumps in the vaginal region
    • Infertility or not being able to conceive that is, not able to get pregnant

    These symptoms may not look serious but may indicate an underlying problem that may need treatment. Depending on the medical condition, our team of highly experienced gynecologists will offer a diagnosis based on extensive evaluation and clinical investigation and may suggest further procedures for treating and managing the disease, such as hysteroscopy, colonoscopy, or ultrasound scan.

    Why Choose Apollo Hospitals?

    Apollo Hospitals, Karnataka, has on board some of the best gynecologists in Bangalore with many years of experience in healthcare for women. Our team of experienced gynecologists perform extensive investigations to offer accurate diagnoses of conditions in women. Our gynecologists are adept at treating various issues related to the female reproductive system and help in managing any complications in conception and early pregnancy, as well as any point of time between menarche and menopause. Additionally, we provide treatment through minimally invasive surgical techniques for treatment for detecting and managing abnormalities in the reproductive system.


    Q1. When should I visit a gynecologist?

    Ans. Visiting a gynecologist for the first time may depend upon the age of the person when problems in reproductive health affect an individual. Regular screenings and checkups are necessary for maintaining proper reproductive health.

    Q2. How often should I visit my OB-GYN doctor?

    Ans. The frequency of visits to the gynecologist may vary depending on age, medical history, and specific needs. It is recommended to visit the gynecologist once a year for an all-around reproductive health assessment. Pregnant women may need to visit the gynecologist more often.

    Q3. Is it necessary to visit a gynecologist every month during pregnancy?

    Ans. During pregnancy, it may be recommended that a visit to the gynecologist should be taken every day. The following schedule may also be recommended:

    • 4 to 28 weeks: 1 prenatal visit a month
    • 28 to 36 weeks: 1 prenatal visit every 2 weeks
    • 36 to 40 weeks: 1 prenatal visit every week. 

    Q4. What services are provided by an ObGyn doctor?

    Ans. The services provided by a gynecologist are numerous, including the management of gynecological conditions, family planning and contraception, prenatal care, childbirth and delivery, menopause management, infertility evaluations, cancer screenings, and surgical procedures related to the reproductive system.

    Q5. What are some of the serious postpartum complications?

    Ans. Some of the common postpartum complications may include:

    • Bleeding,
    • Infections, and
    • Depression.

    It is essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible if these symptoms occur after delivery.

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