"Multimodality treatment and early detection have made it possible for Oesophageal cancer to be curable."



Role of Proton Therapy in Oesophageal Cancer

Radiation is used in the treatment of locally advanced cancers along with chemotherapy, before surgery to reduce the chances of tumour coming back after surgery. Radiation and chemotherapy are also used together as a curative modality for patients whose tumours are not suitable for surgery, to begin with. Proton therapy can be used in both pre-operative and curative situations to increase the tolerability of the treatment by reducing both the immediate and late side effects caused by the radiation. Radiation therapy is also used with palliative intent to relieve local pain.

Gastro-esophageal Cancers

These cancers are treated according to their exact location and the type of histology. If they occur in the upper 2/3rds, they are treated like esophageal cancers and if they occur in the lower 1/3rd they are treated as gastric cancers. Hence the same indications of radiation and proton therapy apply in each.

Other Gastrointestinal Cancers