Microorganisms influence many aspects of our health including increasing the risk of certain cancers. Microorganisms can play a role in both cancer initiation and progression by producing DNA-damaging toxins and carcinogenic metabolites. These by-products make tumours more resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs and suppress the body's immune response to cancer.

Clinical samples like pus, tissue, CSF, body fluids, sputum, broncho-alveolar lavage, urine, stool etc are processed by standard culture techniques and analyzed microscopically. Bacteria and yeast isolated from clinical samples through culture techniques are further identified and tested for their susceptibility to antibiotics and antifungal respectively. These diagnostic techniques guide the clinician with appropriate diagnosis of bacterial, fungal and mycobacteria infections, facilitating prompt initiation of antibiotic, antifungal or anti tubercular therapy.

Serological diagnosis is provided for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections by analyzing serum samples on an automated Immuno analyzer. Antibody detection against Cytomegalovirus, Herpes simplex virus is done through ELISA methodology. A unique, special serological diagnostic test offered at our unit is the Aspergillus galactomannan antigen ELISA based assay.

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