The Most Advanced Cancer Centre and the First Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & The Middle East

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) is the first and only proton therapy centre in South Asia and Middle East and it is India's first JCI accredited Cancer hospital.

APCC has a fully integrated treatment suite that offers the most advanced treatment in surgical, radiation and medical procedures. True to the Apollo Pillars of Expertise and Excellence, the Centre brings together a powerful team of clinicians renowned globally in cancer care.

At the bedrock of APCC's approach treating cancer is its robust multi-disciplinary platform; highly skilled clinicians who come together to form a cancer management team(CMT). Each CMT is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for their patients with utmost care.

Winning over Cancer with Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

The growing burden of cancer across the globe tells an ominous tale. To counter this growing threat, Apollo Hospitals introduces Proton Beam therapy with focused cancer management teams that will provide optimal solutions like never before. We believe it is critical to redefine our purpose, to reboot our commitment on the single-minded focus to win over cancer. APCC stands as a ray of hope for millions of patients as they join us in the battle to win over cancer.