What is Digital Radiography:

Digital Radiography is an innovative departure from the conventional method of using film to record images. Here, the images are captured and stored in digital formats that can be stored, manipulated and shared very easily. It has been proven to be vastly superior to the standard film-based radiography. Digital Radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more and is emblematic of a higher quality of care. Digital X-ray systems help us control the exposure of each image in real-time so that images can be made darker or lighter on demand. It also makes it much easier to enlarge images, enhance colours, and superimpose textures.

With traditional x-rays, it took quite some time to get the images ready. This is because you had to wait for the film to develop in a darkroom before the images were available for viewing. However, in DDR, the images are produced ready for viewing instantly. This makes consultations shorter as the dentist can quickly assess your situation and give a diagnosis as you wait. Productivity for both the dentist and patients is therefore improved. The dentist can be able to see more patients in a day while patients have to spend little time at the clinic and more time carrying out their daily activities.

Digital x-rays provide a much higher image quality than that of traditional film. This allows us to focus even on tiny fractures and irregularities that could have been missed on film. Good image quality is also made possible by the fact that the digital radiography machines have special software that can be used to electronically manipulate images for improved definition. Images can be zoomed or the contrast can be adjusted for a better view.

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