08 November, 2023

On The Occasion Of National Cancer Awareness Day, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Has Launched Centre Of Excellence For Head And Neck Cancer.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) has inaugurated its groundbreaking Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Head and Neck Cancer. With a comprehensive approach to cancer management and cutting-edge technologies, APCC is set to revolutionize the way head and neck cancer is treated, offering patients the best possible oncological outcomes while preserving their functionality and cosmesis.

Head and Neck cancer is a significant public health concern, with 57.5% of cases worldwide occurring in Asia. India bears a heavy burden, accounting for 30% of all head and neck cancers globally. In 2018, India recorded 1,19,992 new cases and 72,616 deaths due to oral cancers, earning the country the unfortunate title of being the “capital of oral cancers.” This alarming trend is often attributed to unique habits, such as tobacco chewing, and the high incidence of oral cancer associated with smokeless tobacco use.

Dr. Sapna Nangia, Director – Breast, Head & Neck, Department of Radiation Oncology, APCC, emphasized the gravity of the situation, saying, “The prevalence of head and neck cancer in India is a cause for concern, and it necessitates a specialized and integrated approach to treatment. APCC’s Centre of Excellence for Head and Neck Cancer is committed to providing the best possible oncological outcomes while prioritizing functional and cosmetic outcomes for our patients.”

Dr. Sandip Duarah, Senior Consultant, Head and Neck, Surgical Oncology, APCC, said, “Head and Neck Cancer Management has always been a multidisciplinary approach. Here at APCC, we not only have all the cutting-edge technology to aid us but our strength lies in our team which works in perfect tandem, relying on each other for all treatment decisions that are taken for the benefit of the patient’s well-being. At APCC, we believe in complete teamwork which is our forte.”

The Centre’s cutting-edge technologies include robotic surgery, virtual planning, and 3D printing, Co2 Laser for voice box cancer, narrow-band imaging for the early diagnosis of potentially malignant cancer, high-end endoscopic instrumentation, and navigation systems for skull-based tumors.

Dr. Naveen Hedne, Senior Consultant – Head and Neck, Surgical Oncology, APCC, shared his excitement about the Centre’s potential, stating, “Our team at APCC comprises dedicated professionals who bring a collective clinical experience of over 100 years in Head and Neck Cancer Management. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our multidisciplinary approach ensures that patients receive the highest level of care.”

Dr. Prasad Eswaran, Senior Consultant, Head and Neck, Medical Oncology, APCC, highlighted the importance of a coordinated approach, saying, “Our team consists of specialists from various disciplines, including radiation oncologists, robotic surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, speech therapists, theranostics /nuclear medicine experts, and anesthesiologists. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide patients with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.”

APCC ensures in providing holistic care for individuals facing health challenges, such as cancer. A comprehensive approach that addresses their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. This approach encompasses a range of specialized services, including dietary support to ensure proper nutrition during treatment, swallowing and speech therapy to assist those with communication and swallowing difficulties. Clinicians from psycho-oncology provide emotional support and address the psychological aspects of coping with a diagnosis while the physiotherapy team constantly helps to maintain or improve physical function.

By integrating these elements into the patient’s care plan, APCC enhances the overall quality of life and promotes a sense of well-being, recognizing that healing extends beyond medical treatment.

The launch of the Centre of Excellence for Head and Neck Cancer reaffirms APCC’s commitment to advancing cancer care and delivering the best possible outcomes for patients. Through its state-of-the-art technologies, experienced team of specialists, and dedication to both oncological and functional well-being, APCC is positioned to make a significant impact in the fight against head and neck cancer.

Head and Neck

03 August, 2023

Conquering Sarcoma: Over 300 participants pedal for the 2nd Edition of ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon

Conquering Sarcoma: Over 300 participants pedal for the 2nd Edition of ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon

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A 5km cyclothon was organised to create awareness about Sarcoma

Chennai 29th July 2023: Amidst an air of triumph and hope, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) together with Apollo Cancer Centre (ACC) and Apollo Shine, to successfully host the second edition of ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon. The exceptional event was dedicated to accelerating awareness about Sarcoma, a type of cancer that predominantly affects children. The response from participants, spectators, and cancer warriors alike was nothing short of overwhelming, as they united with unwavering determination to make a difference.

Sarcoma, a rare and often misunderstood form of cancer, poses unique challenges to patients and their families. As a part of its ongoing commitment to supporting cancer warriors, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre along with Apollo Cancer Centre and Apollo Shine took the initiative to shed light on Sarcoma during the ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon with an aim to raise awareness and bring hope to those facing the complexities of this disease.

The inaugural edition of ‘Winners on Wheels’ in 2022 witnessed resounding success, with over 100 cyclists coming forward to support the cause alongside the brave cancer warriors. This year, the 5 km Cyclothon, flagged-off at APCC, focussed to spread the powerful message that “Cancer is Conquerable” with timely diagnosis and the right treatment. The inspiring event showcased sarcoma survivors leading the charge, symbolizing the indomitable spirit and resilience of those fighting cancer.

Renowned Film Director & Entrepreneur, Ms. Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, flagged off the event, expressing her admiration for Apollo’s efforts. “It is heart-warming to witness the impact that Apollo is driving among the lives of cancer patients. I am humbled to be part of this noble initiative, and events like ‘Winners on Wheels’ inspire all to unite in the fight against cancer.”

Dr. Vishnu Ramanujan, Consultant – Musculoskeletal Oncology, said, ” Sarcoma is a complex and less common type of cancer, especially in children, which makes it crucial for us to enhance awareness and understanding about the condition. Through the ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon, we aim to break the silence surrounding Sarcoma and provide a platform for survivors to share their inspiring stories of courage and tenacity.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Harshad Reddy, Director Group Oncology & International, emphasized, “At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre and Apollo Cancer Centre, we firmly believe in supporting cancer warriors at every stage of their journey. The ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon provides a platform to raise awareness about sarcoma and offer hope to those facing the challenges of this disease.”

The ‘Winners on Wheels’ Cyclothon 2023 was a triumphant achievement, with enthusiastic participation from over 300 cyclists, including sarcoma survivors, medical staff, students, and members of the community. The unity displayed by the dedicated medical professionals and cancer warriors, demonstrated commitment towards the fight against cancer. By coming together as a community it has strengthened the belief that cancer is conquerable and that there is a bright future beyond sarcoma.

About Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, the most advanced Cancer Centre and the first Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & the Middle East and it is India’s first JCI accredited Cancer hospital. At the bedrock of APCC’s approach to treating cancer is its robust multi-disciplinary platform; highly skilled professionals who come together to form a cancer management team (CMT). Each CMT is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for its patients. An added feather in the cap is the recent launch of India’s first & only site-specific Robotic Oncology Program.

About Apollo Cancer Centres – https://apollocancercentres.com/


Cancer care today means 360-degree comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise, and an indomitable spirit from cancer specialists.

With over 325 oncologists, Apollo Cancer Centres are present across India to oversee the delivery of high-end precision Oncology Therapy. Our oncologists deliver world-class cancer care following an organ-based practice under competent Cancer Management Teams. This helps us in delivering exemplary treatment to the patient in an environment which has consistently delivered an international standard of clinical outcomes.

Today, people from 147 countries come to India for cancer treatment at Apollo Cancer Centres. With the first & only Pencil Beam Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & Middle East, Apollo Cancer Centres has all that is needed to strengthen the battle against cancer.

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19 July, 2023

Apollo Hospitals Plan To Add Two More Proton Cancer Centres In India

Apollo Hospitals plan to add two more proton cancer centres in India

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Dinesh Madhavan, President, Group – Oncology & International, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd

Apollo Hospitals, which launched south Asia’s first proton centre for cancer therapy in Chennai, is planning to add two more such centres in different parts of the country, according to a senior official of the healthcare group.

In January 2019, Apollo Hospitals launched a 150-bedded Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) at a cost of ₹1,300 crore to offer high precision proton therapy to cancer patients. The centre has treated over 1,000 cancer patients from more than 33 countries in the last four years

“We are looking to add two more (Proton) centres and we are looking to go beyond Chennai,” said Dinesh Madhavan, President, Group – Oncology & International, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.

He was speaking on the sidelines of an event on Friday to announce APCC’s exclusive partnership with Ion Beam Applications SA (IBA) to train clinicians on proton beam therapy. IBA is a Belgium-based manufacturer of advanced proton therapy systems.

Madhavan, however, added that it is too early to comment more on the new proton centres since the decision will be based on the healthcare group’s strategy of getting into a particular geography and several other aspects. “But our vision is that we can have multi-centric proton centres in India,” he added.

In recent years, Proton beam therapy has emerged as a highly effective and precise radiation treatment for various types of cancers. Under the therapy, protons are used for a targeted treatment of cancerous tumours without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues and lesser side effects.

Earlier this year, Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Centre launched proton beam therapy, thereby becoming the first government healthcare institution to do so. Several private players are also entering the proton therapy space.

“For a population of six million, Singapore already has three proton centres. With India reaching 1.4 billion in population, we need 14-15 proton centres,” Madhavan said and added that both private and public healthcare providers should add more proton centres.

Elaborating on the latest tie-up with IBA, Madhavan said, proton cancer centres have now come in Thailand and Singapore while countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are also in the process of setting up.

“All these countries would like to come to a country which has got a more heterogeneous experience. “So, we decided to create a proton therapy training school in partnership with IBA and APCC, where physicians, technologists and oncologists can come for the training.”

19 July, 2023

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Partners With Belgium-Based IBA To Impart Proton Beam Therapy Training

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre partners with Belgium-based IBA to impart proton beam therapy training

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The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) has partnered with Ion Beam Applications SA (IBA), a Belgium-based manufacturer of advanced proton therapy systems.

The APCC said through the collaboration, which will be effective from July 15, it aims to train oncologists on proton beam therapy and facilitate the development of cancer care. Over 1,000 patients from 33 countries have been treated with proton beam therapy so far, said APCC. The therapy allows for non-invasive, targeted tumour treatment while minimising damage to surrounding tissues.

Preetha Reddy, executive vice-chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd., said: “We are proud of the fact that we have patients coming from countries as developed as the U.S., U.K., New Zealand and Singapore for the best cancer care.” Nearly 600 people have signed up for the course, she said at a press conference in Chennai on Friday.

Claude Dupont, Sales Director, IBA, said: “IBA is pleased to sign the agreement in which APCC commits to sharing its expertise in providing training and education to proton therapy users in Asia and other regions of the world.”

The training programmes would be both online and onsite and it would be customised differently for radiation oncologists, physicians, administrators, and so on. “It typically takes one to three months based on the student group,” said Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director, Radiation Oncology, APCC.

03 July, 2023

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Introduces The First And Largest ‘Helical Tomotherapy’ Program In Tamil Nadu

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre introduces the first and largest ‘Helical Tomotherapy’ program in Tamil Nadu

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The State’s first RadiXactX9 Tomotherapy and India’s first High Precession TMI/TMLI programme

Chennai, 3 May 2023: In line with the mission to provide the most comprehensive and advanced cancer care in India, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) has once again set a new standard with the introduction of the latest suite of cutting-edge cancer-fighting technology called Tomotherapy. As the first centre in South Asia and the Middle East to offer proton therapy, APCC is renowned for its commitment to providing the finest in proton and photon therapies, and the addition of Tomotherapy is a step towards offering advanced cancer care.

Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament-Lok Sabha, Govt. of India, inaugurated Tamil Nadu’s first RadiXactX9 Tomotherapy and India’s first High Precession TMI/TMLI programme in the presence of Ms. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, Mr Karan Puri, Chief Executive Officer, APCC, Dr Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director & HOD- Radiation Oncology, APCC, Dr Sapna Nangia, Senior Consultant – Radiation Oncology and Dr Srinivas Chilukuri, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology, APCC, Mr. Manish Jaiswal, Regional Vice President, Accuray Medical Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.

APCC is now the first in Tamil Nadu to offer RadiXactX9 Tomotherapy and India’s first High Precession TMI/TMLI programme, thanks to its Helical Tomotherapy technology, which provides greater precision and control over radiation therapy delivery while minimising damage to healthy tissues. The daily imaging capability makes it possible for clinicians to identify and correct any variations in patient positioning, changes in the tumour, or other factors, such as weight gain or loss. As the Tomotherapy System’s precision reduces radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues, patients experience fewer side effects than those receiving conventional forms of radiation therapy.

Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament-Lok Sabha, praised APCC’s role in offering advanced cancer care, saying, “Tamil Nadu has always been at the forefront of medical infrastructure and healthcare delivery in India, and I am proud to say that the launch of Tomotherapy at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is yet another example of this. With this new technology, the APCC is not only setting new standards for cancer care in Tamil Nadu but also in South Asia and the Middle East. I commend the APCC for its commitment to delivering the finest in proton and photon therapies, and for investing in the latest and most advanced technologies to enhance cancer care for patients.”

Ms. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd, added,The launch of Tomotherapy at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre marks a momentous occasion that will redefine cancer treatment in South Asia. With the increasing prevalence of cancer in India, projected to grow seven-fold by 2025 due to various factors such as air pollution, smoking, and sedentary lifestyles, the introduction of this technology comes at a critical time. Apollo has been a pioneer in healthcare, setting high standards for patient care and excellence, and this commitment is reflected in the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre’s efforts to provide the finest in proton and photon therapies. The launch of Tomotherapy is yet another testament to this commitment, which is sure to positively impact the lives of countless patients not only in Tamil Nadu but also throughout South Asia and beyond.”

Dr. Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director & HOD- Radiation Oncology, APCC, emphasized the importance of the new technology, saying, ” Tomotherapy represents a significant advancement in radiation therapy technology, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this development at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. With Tomotherapy, we are able to offer our patients a high-level of precision and accuracy in radiation therapy that was once thought impossible. At APCC, we are committed to providing the finest in proton and photon therapies, and Tomotherapy is a significant addition to our suite of advanced cancer-fighting technologies.”

Tomotherapy at the APCC underscores the centre’s commitment to offering the most advanced and effective cancer-fighting technologies in South Asia. With a dedicated comprehensive site-specific cancer care centre with all the latest diagnostic facilities including South Asia’s first digital PET-CT and digital pathology, APCC has an experienced multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled clinicians focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for their patients with utmost care.

28 April, 2023

Apollo Proton Cancer Center Launches The Second Edition Of ‘Screen To Win’

06 April, 2023

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Doctors Perform Brain Bypass Surgery On 8-Year-Old Twins Suffering From Moyamoya Disease – A Rare Blood Vessel Disorder.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre doctors perform brain bypass surgery on 8-year-old twins suffering from Moyamoya disease – a rare blood vessel disorder.

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Doctors of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) performed a brain bypass surgery on twin children who were diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, a rare disorder that reduces blood flow to the brain.

The eight-year-old twin girls, who were originally from Tamil Nadu and were residing in the Netherlands, were diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, a rare blood vessel disorder in which the carotid artery in the skull is blocked or narrowed, reducing blood flow to the brain. The condition is relatively uncommon and even rarer in identical twins, doctors said.

“Moyamoya disease was first identified in Japan in the 1960s and is referred to as ‘puff of smoke’. The cause is not yet known,” Roopesh Kumar, senior consultant neurosurgeon, APCC, told reporters on Tuesday.

He added that if left untreated, it causes multiple strokes in children, affecting normal life. “The disease has multiple stages. It is important to pick up on the disease early to arrest its progression,” he said.

One of the twins was more symptomatic than the other. The neurosciences team examined the children using MRI brain perfusion. The findings were almost similar in both twins and the brain’s left side was more affected than the right. The doctors offered surgical intervention via a brain bypass surgery, wherein the blood supply from the skin of the head would be diverted to the brain through a window created on the skull. This would facilitate uninterrupted blood flow to the brain without the risk of developing strokes, a press release said.

The surgery, STA-MCA (superficial temporal artery to middle cerebral artery) bypass, was performed initially for the symptomatic child. The other child also underwent a similar procedure. “Moyamoya affects the brain vessels inside the skull. We have vessels beneath the skin. These vessels are very small, measuring less than 1 mm. We identify and separate them and stitch the outside blood vessels into the ones inside,” Dr. Kumar said.

The bypass surgery was performed three months ago. Consecutive scans showed improved blood circulation on the left side of the brain. The hospital said this was Asia’s first brain bypass surgery on twin children with Moyamoya disease

06 April, 2023

Teenager Suffering From A Rare Bone Cancer Successfully Undergoes Complex Surgery – And Has Been Disease-Free For A Year.

Teenager suffering from a rare bone cancer successfully undergoes complex surgery – and has been disease-free for a year.

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A 16-year-old from Kerala successfully underwent a surgery for Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in or around the bones, at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), Chennai, last year. The patient has now been disease-free for one year.

Doctors at the centre said, in early 2020, an adolescent patient from Kerala who had cancer underwent chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiation with maintenance chemotherapy. However, the disease recurred within the next six months. Doctors at the then APCC performed a radical pleurectomy with HITHOC (Hyperthermic Intrathoracic Chemotherapy), in which chemotherapy was given for 90 minutes during the surgery.

Khader Hussain and Abhijit Das, surgical oncologists (thoracic) performed the surgery in October 2021 at APCC. “This radical surgery plus HITHOC is a first of its kind for the adolescent. It is generally done for adult patients,” Dr. Hussain said, as per a press release from the centre.

The doctors had diagnosed the cancer in the left intrathoracic region. Highlighting challenges in doing the surgery, Dr. Das said, the chest cavity and vessels are smaller in a teenager compared to an adult, making the surgery trickier. “Treating this case with our experience of 10 such cases in adults made us take the right steps to lead the patient on the road to recovery,” he said.

While post-operative care after a surgery of this kind for an adolescent remains the same as that for an adult, Dr. Hussain said there was a risk of arrhythmia (abnormal beating of heart) during and after the surgery, as the tumor was close to the heart. “The patient recovered in three weeks and is being examined regularly to keep a check on recurrence again and at present the patient is disease free for one year and he has resumed high school,” he said.

Harish Trivedi, Chief Executive Officer, APCC, congratulated the team on the successful surgery and said the well-thought approach and advanced care helped in turning the case around in favour of the patient.

06 April, 2023

62-Year-Old Woman Suffering From A Rare Brain Tumour Gets Successfully Treated With Proton Beam Therapy

03 July, 2021

India’s First & Only ROBOTIC Oncology & The Most Advanced 4th Generation DA VINCI SURGICAL SYSTEM

Winning over Cancer with Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

A breakthrough in Cancer Care! The global growing cancer burden tells an ominous tale. To counter this growing threat, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre provides a complete and comprehensive solution. As cancer care has become one of the fastest-growing healthcare imperatives across the world, we believe it is critical to redefine our purpose, to reboot our commitment on the single-minded focus - to battle cancer, to conquer cancer! APCC stands as a ray of hope for millions, infusing them with the courage to stand and stare cancer down.