An Introduction to the 3rd issue of ProNews
Our Editorial Team
Dr. Sapna Nangia - Editor in Chief
Dr. Sushma Patil
Dr. Kumar Gubbala, Dr. Shanthi Radhakrishnan
Preetam Alex, Ashwin, Jayasankar, Aishwarya, Anjali, Aastha and Aarya
Care Beyond Cure: Nurturing Hope
The Expertise Behind Proton Beam Therapy
Dr. Rakesh Jalali
Medical Director & Lead – Neuro Oncology
Dr. Dayananda Sharma
Prof. & Head -Department of Medical Physics
Harnessing advances in Gynaecological Cancer care
Dr. Sapna Nangia
Director – Head Neck & Breast, Department of Radiation Oncology
Dr. Kumar Gubbala
Consultant - Gynaecology Oncology
Dr. Abhijith Das
Consultant - Thoracic Surgical Oncology
Dr. Prasad E
Senior Consultant - Medical Oncology
Multidisciplinary Thoracic Cancer Management in Stage 4 Lung Cancer: A Case study
Dr. Sujith Kumar Mullapally
Consultant - Medical Oncology
Dr. Abhijith Das
Consultant - Thoracic Surgical Oncology
Dr. Sham Sundar
Consultant – Radiation Oncology
The 3rd Apollo Proton Practicum - An Introduction
Dr Srinivas Chilukuri
Senior Consultant – Radiation Oncology (Paediatrics, Urology & Thoracic), Organising Secretary Apollo Proton Practicum
Competent & Caring: Nursing @APCC
Ms. Lijo Thomas Vazhackal
Ms. Rajewari Ramu
Ms. Chitra Duraisamy
Ms. Ansu
Ms. Ruth
Ms. Abhinaya
Mr. Mahesh
Ms. Srinithi
Ms. Shruthi
Ms. Joy Motty
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