Ultrasound Sonography:

Sonography, using ultrasound, is an important detection methodology in cancer diagnosis. The ultrasound machine bounces sound waves off organs and tissues. These waves create echoes that are converted into real-time pictures that show organ structure and movement. Sonograms can even track blood flow through blood vessels. Ultrasound is highly beneficial in getting pictures of soft tissue diseases that don’t show up well on X-rays. At APCC, we use sonography to investigate and differentiate fluid-filled cysts from solid tumours because of their distinct echo patterns.

A sonogram is most commonly used is to monitor the development of the uterus and fetus during pregnancy. It can also be used to evaluate glands, breast lumps, joint conditions, bone disease, testicular lumps, or to guide needles during biopsies.

Sonography can also recognize blood or fluid flow that moves toward or away from the transducer. It uses color overlays on the image to show the direction of the flow. Very hard and dense tissues or empty spaces, such as organs filled with gas, do not conduct ultrasound waves and therefore cannot be viewed on a sonogram.

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