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Department of Kidney Transplant


Apollomedics institute of transplant provide a cutting edge and high skilled state of the art facilities and services for patients under one roof which is reinforced by the highly experienced team of medical & surgical doctors along with skilled paramedics and Gold LEED Certified infrastructure.

Apollo Hospitals are the leader in the field of organ transplantation with the highest success rate. The first successful kidney transplant at Apollomedics Hospitals was performed on 3rd Dec. 2019.

In 2012, the Apollo Transplant Program performed 1200 solid organ transplants in children and adults (840 kidney and 360 liver).

In 2013, 1456 transplants (390 liver, 1066 kidney) were performed.

The year 2014 saw continuing growth of the program with 1547 (422 Liver and 1125 Kidney) transplants across the Group.

In 2015, the Apollo Transplant Program performed 1627 transplants (410 Liver and 1210 Kidney) were performed.

Kidney transplant Helpline: +91-7705002277

Kidney Transplant

Our institute of renal sciences is highly specialized and facilitated with state of the art services and equipment. The department of nephrology has highly experienced specialists who have the best understanding of kidney related diseases, their development, progression, prevention and comprehensive treatment options.

A person who has been diagnosed with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) is advised for either dialysis or renal transplant. The only way to improve quality of life of such patient’s is when they opt for renal transplant.

Our primary goal is to provide a new lease of life to the patient with best patient care services to improve the condition and best possible healthcare options and treatment to the patient for a better quality of life ahead.

We provide the best of healthcare services to every patient if it comes to in-patient or out-patient round the clock. The services include consultation, management of kidney diseases, procedures, and management of deformations or diseases caused by kidney disorders. We have the team of highly specialize nephrologists, urologists, kidney transplant surgeons and kidney transplant teams to manage the patient with critical kidney disorders and perform kidney transplants.

The process of kidney transplant contributes to a better life for the patient with both their kidneys damaged more than 90% or kidney failures. The process involves extraction of one kidney from donor and placing it to the other person body whose both kidneys have failed.

Kidney Transplant Helpline – +91-7705002277

Types of Kidney Transplant Available at Apollo Hospitals Lucknow

  • Normal Near Related kidney transplant
  • ABO Incompatible kidney transplant
  • Pediatric kidney transplant

Services Available

  • 24×7 Dialysis
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
  • 24×7 Nephrologist
  • Kidney transplant experts
  • 24×7 Dedicated ICU

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apollo Hospital lucknow Uttar Pradesh perform kidney transplant?

Yes, We at apollo lucknow in uttar pradesh are continuously doing successful kidney transplants.

Does Apollo hospitals lucknow Uttar Pradesh provide 24×7 kidney transplant services and specialists?

Yes, We are providing 24X7 Kidney transplant services. Our kidney transplant specialists are available 24*7 on.

Does Apollo hospitals lucknow Uttar Pradesh provide kidney transplant of different blood group?

Yes, at apollo lucknow in uttar Pradesh we are also doing ABO Incompatible kidney transplant with a higher success rate of 90-95%.

Is it possible that husband donate kidney to wife?

Yes it is possible at apollo Lucknow we have done several kidney transplants where either husband or wife has donated kidney to each other.

Is it possible that brother donate kidney to sister?

Yes it is possible.

Is it possible that father donate kidney to his son?

Yes it is possible.

Does Apollo hospital lucknow Uttar Pradesh perform pediatric kidney transplant?

Yes, at apollo lucknow uttar pradesh we are doing pediatric kidney transplant.

Is there any isolation ward for kidney transplant patients?

Yes, we have isolation ward for kidney transplant patients with advanced technologies.

Does Apollo hospitals lucknow provide outstation opd’s in other cities?

Yes, our nephrologist visiting Gorakhpur, Faizabad and Raebareli for consultation.

Is Apollo hospital lucknow empaneled with chief minister fund?

Yes, we are treating patients who came to us with CM fund.

Is there a kidney transplant helpline number for apollo lucknow.

Give us a call at +91-7705002277


Doctor’s Profile

Prof. Amit Gupta

Prof. Amit Gupta

Director & HOD
Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. Adittya K Sharma

Dr. Adittya K Sharma

Senior Consultant
Urology, Uro-Oncology & Renal Transplant

Dr. Jony Agarwal

Associate Consultant
Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. Shashikant Gupta

Consultant – Urology, Uro-oncology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. (Maj) Sujeet Shekhar Sinha

Associate Consultant- Urology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. Adittya K Sharma

Dr (Col) Anannya Dutta

Senior Consultant
Urology, & Renal Transplant
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