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Cochlear Implant at Apollo Lucknow

Cochlear Implant

What is Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is a small device that helps improve the hearing ability of a patient who is profoundly deaf or is suffering from severe hearing loss. A cochlear Implant is the most advanced equipment available in today’s times which has the highest efficacy in enabling hearing.

How does a cochlear implant work

A Cochlear Implant Device is divided into two parts with one part on the outside of the ear and the other part on the inside of the ear. It comprises of following components

  • Microphone: This is the outer part of the cochlear device. It accepts the outside sound and sends it to the speech processor.
  • Speech Processor: It receives sound from a microphone and converts it into a digital signal which is then sent to the transmitter.
  • Transmitter: This component sends the signal to the receiver, which is placed inside the skin.
  • Receiver: This device ensures how much current should pass through the electrodes. The amount of current depends on the intensity of the sound.
  • Electrodes: It receives the signal from the receiver and triggers the audible nerves in the cochlea (the auditory nerve), which transmits the signal to the brain from where the ear perceives the sound.
Who should get a Cochlear Implant?

It can be an option for helping people of all age groups (either Kids or adults) suffering from hearing loss
The parameters of deciding Cochlear Implant are different in kids and adults. It can be done;

  • In children with
    • Congenital deafness or loss of hearing ability due to some disease post-birth
    • Acute sensorineural hearing defect in both ears
    • Use of hearing aid for more than 3 months with no improvement in hearing.
  • In Adults with
    • Sudden Deafness deaf due to an accident
    • deafness due to some medicine or disease
    • Deafness due to old age
    • Non-working of Hearing Aid
Benefits of Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is actually a ‘life-changing device’. Patients who have undergone cochlear implant and & have completed the post implant rehabilitation program will clearly see the benefits of it.

Adults often benefit immediately and continue to improve the hearing ability gradually over a period of time.

  • A cochlear implant:
    • Is the only successful treatment for congenital and congested deafness
    • Helpful in enabling sounds to be heard at almost normal intensity levels.
    • develops the ability to understand language without shouting
    • makes it easy to talk on the telephone, watch TV and listen to music
    • helps in listening to different types of voices better.

Rehabilitation is the most essential part for patients who have undergone Cochlear Implantation. All patients need Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT). In Auditory Verbal Therapy, the emphasis is laid on making the child listen and speak normally, rather than on lip reading and visual cues. Learning to listen takes time and requires concerted efforts from the patient, the family and the person providing Rehabilitation services.

Why Choose Apollomedics

At Apollomedics we understand that ability of hearing is a priceless gift. We are committed to provide Best Cochlear Implant Surgery in Uttar Pradesh with all Diagnostic to treatment & rehabilitation facilities under one roof. We have team of Internationally Trained Surgeons & trained Speech Therapy Experts which help in giving the best Outcome for the Implant Patients.

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