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Typical Signs And Symptoms Of An ACL Injury
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An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a tear or sprain of the ACL, which is one of the strong bands of tissue that connects your thigh bone (femur) to your shinbone (tibia). ACL injuries are most common in sports involving sudden stops or changes in direction, jumping, and landings, such as soccer, basketball, football, and downhill skiing.

When an ACL is torn, many people hear a pop or feel a “popping” sensation in their knee. Your knee may swell, become unstable, and be painful to bear weight on.


Typical signs and symptoms of an ACL injury include:

  • A loud “popping” sensation in the knee
  • Severe pain and inability to engage in physical activity
  • Rapid enlargement
  • Range of motion impairment
  • A sensation of instability or “giving way” when bearing weight

Types of ACL Surgery

In most cases, a torn ACL cannot be repaired or reattached. ACL surgery usually entails a complete reconstruction of the ligament. The current standard of care for surgically treating a torn ACL is called ACL reconstruction. Choosing the right surgical option for an ACL tear from the start can have long-term consequences, so getting ACL surgery right the first time is critical:

  • ACL RECONSTRUCTION – The current standard-of-care surgical treatment for ACL tears is ACL reconstruction. ACL reconstruction surgery is carried out using minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques that make use of fibre optics, small incisions, and small instruments. To obtain the tissue graft, a slightly larger incision is required. The majority of ACL surgeries at ApollomedicsHospitals are ACL reconstructions.
  • ACL REPAIR – ACL repair is a more traditional procedure that involves sewing the torn ACL tissue back together with sutures rather than rebuilding it with a graft. However, at Apollomedics hospitals, ACL repair has been modernised and can now be done in a minimally invasive manner. outpatient procedure or with only an overnight hospital stay.


  • Smaller, less invasive incisions
  • Less damaging to the joint’s surrounding areas
  • Less traumatic procedure
  • Recovery time is significantly reduced
  • Less post-operative discomfort
  • Scarring is reduced when compared to open surgery.

When to seek a doctor?

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When to seek a doctor?

Seek medical attention right away if any injury to your knee causes signs or symptoms of an ACL tear. The knee joint is a complex structure made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues that all work in tandem. It is critical to obtain a prompt and accurate diagnosis in order to determine the severity of the injury and receive proper treatment.

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