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Gall bladder cancer


The gallbladder is a small, oblong organ on the right part of the abdomen, just underneath the liver. The gallbladder stores up bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver. Gallbladder cancer is unusual and chances of cure are higher if found at an early stage. But most of them are discovered at a late stage, which makes it difficult to cure. Gallbladder cancer is difficult to diagnose because it does not provide a great deal of symptoms with clarity.

Apollo Hospital Lucknow has emerged to be best Hospital for Gall Bladder Cancer treatment in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh.


Symptoms of Gall Bladder Cancer include:

  • Stomach ache and bloating, more specifically in the upper right section of the abdomen
  • Itchiness
  • Temperature
  • Food aversion
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Jaundice (Yellowing of the eyes and skin)

Having any of these symptoms does not mean it is cancer, but if one or more of them is noticed for more than two weeks then a physician must be seen and an immediate health screening is a must. The physician may refer you to Oncosurgeon to detect CAGB.

Risk Factors

Factors contributing to the risk of gallbladder cancer include:

  • Sex of the Patient: This type of cancer is more common in women
  • Age Factor: Your risk of gallbladder cancer increases as you age
  • Weight Issues: Obese people are at a higher risk for developing gallbladder cancer
  • History of Gallstones: Gallbladder cancer is most common in individuals who have had gallstones in the past
  • Other Gallbladder Diseases and Conditions: Other conditions that may increase the risk of gallbladder cancer include porcelain gallbladder, choledochal cyst and chronic gallbladder infection


Tests and procedures used to diagnose gallbladder cancer include:

  • Blood tests to evaluate liver function
  • Imaging tests – ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), PET scan for diagnosing the extent of spread of gall bladder cancer.

Once gallbladder cancer is diagnosed, the next step is to check the stage. Tests and procedures used to stage gallbladder cancer include:

  • Exploratory Surgery
  • Tests to Examine the Bile Ducts: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, Magnetic resonance cholangiography and Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography
  • Additional Imaging Tests: CT of the chest and abdomen, ultrasonography and MRI of the liver and PET CT SCAN


At Apollo Hospitals, we offer a 360-degree approach to treat and cure diseases like cancer. The treatment options available at Apollo Hospital Lucknow are

Surgery of Early Stage Gall Bladder Cancer

Surgery may be an alternative if it is an early-stage gallbladder cancer. Cholecystectomy Surgery is done to remove the gallbladder. Apollo Hospital Lucknow has the best surgeons for Gall Bladder Cancer in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is prescribed to shrink and kill tumour cells so that it’s more easily removed. Apollo Lucknow with TruBeam LINAC option offers an improved type of radiotherapy that can be used to treat tumors that are difficult to reach. Due to its precision, it can be used to effectively treat cancer without affecting the surrounding vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, pancreas and intestines. Radiation is often combined with chemotherapy to give better outcomes.


Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses chemicals to kill cancer cells that may have spread beyond the Gall bladder.

Chemotherapy is often combined with radiation therapy. Sometimes, in cases of advanced cancer, chemotherapy may be singularly used to help relieve signs and symptoms. At Apollo Lucknow, we have a dedicated best Chemotherapy bay in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh where Patients are under the care and supervision of Oncologists and dedicated staff.

Why Choose Apollomedics

Apollo Lucknow is one of the recognised centres for the best treatment of Gall gallbladder cancer. Cancer Treatment at Apollo Hospital Lucknow has a multidisciplinary team of doctors (Oncosurgeons, Gastrosurgeons, plastic surgeons, Reconstructive surgeons, Radiation oncologists and medical oncologists) who address all dimensions of treatment, for the best outcome.

For any query related to Gall Bladder Cancer or to book an appointment with our Cancer Experts,

Please contact our 24×7 Cancer Care Helpline: 8429029838 or 8429029849.

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