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Apollomedics Hospital has the best appendix doctors in Lucknow. If your appendix gets inflamed or infected, you’ll get appendicitis. The appendix is a tiny tube-like structure that connects the large intestine to the stomach. Nobody knows what the purpose of the appendix is, but we do know that appendicitis is a dangerous condition. To remove the failing appendix, a surgeon commonly performs an appendectomy.

Appendicitis can affect anyone; however, it is most common in adults between the ages of 10 and 30. Surgical removal of the appendix is the standard treatment.

Signs & Symptoms
  • Pain that starts on the right side of the lower abdomen and spreads to the left
  • Sudden pain that starts around the navel and moves to the lower right abdomen.
  • Coughing, walking, or other jarring movements aggravate the pain.
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Appetite loss.
  • Low-grade fever, which may become more severe as the illness advances
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Bloating in the abdomen
  • Flatulence

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix that occurs suddenly. Although the appendix appears to have no function, it can rupture or cause infection if left untreated. When the inside of the appendix becomes clogged with mucus, bacteria, foreign materials, parasites, or firm stools, it causes appendicitis. This results in appendix swelling, which leads to irritation and inflammation.


Appendectomy can be done as an open operation with a 2 to 4-inch (5 to 10-centimetre) long abdominal incision (laparotomy). Alternatively, the procedure can be performed through a few minor abdominal incisions (laparoscopic surgery). The surgeon puts special surgical equipment and a video camera into your belly during a laparoscopic appendectomy to remove your appendix.

Laparoscopic surgery, in general, allows you to heal faster and with less discomfort and scarring. For older adults and obese persons, it may be a better option.

However, not everyone is a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. If your appendix has ruptured and the infection has spread beyond it or you have an abscess, you may require an open appendectomy, which permits the surgeon to clean the abdominal cavity.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Appendectomy
  • Post-operative pain is reduced.
  • Quick recovery time
  • Appendix surgery is a cost-effective procedure.
  • Post-operative problems such as wound infection and adhesion are less common.
When to seek a doctor

If you or your kid is experiencing troubling signs or symptoms.

Request a consultation with our general surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Lucknow.

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