Dr. Arvind Sukumaran - Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon | APCC


Dr.Arvind Sukumaran is a distinguished neurosurgeon with over 14 years of experience after his neurosurgical training at the prestigious national institute, NIMHANS, Bangalore. He has further completed accredited fellowship training in Paediatric neurosurgery and Epilepsy/Functional neurosurgery from the prestigious University of Calgary, Canada. He has successfully performed more than 4000 neurological surgeries, with an equal distribution between spine and brain.

He is one of the handful surgeons in India performing niche surgeries like deep brain stimulation(DBS), complex epilepsy , spasticity surgeries , endoscopic and open craniosynostosis surgery, awake craniotomy and tractography/fluorescence guided resection of tumours and other complex pediatric neurosurgical problems. His expertise also involves advanced surgeries like LITT(laser interstitial thermal therapy), robotic stereotactic EEG placement which he is trying to bring to India.

He has also pioneered and patented low cost fluorescence guided glioma surgeries, that provides a testament to his innovative streak and original thinking. He has presented in several national and international conferences, conducted workshops and has several academic papers to his credit. He has also been the organizing secretaries of many international conferences. His educational videos have are featured in international websites. He has been raising public awareness on many of these rare diseases, through active engagement with the media.

Dr.Arvind Sukumaran, with his patient centric focus, engages expertise with accessibility to chart a holistic approach towards patient care. Within an system that boasts the best in class infrastructure, Dr.Arvind Sukumaran believes in delivering affordable healthcare by cost-conscious and judicious use of resources and complication avoidance.

He is fluent in Tamil, English, Kannada and Hindi.

Education and training


    MBBS: Stanley Medical College, Chennai

    MCh Neurosurgery: National institute of Mental health & Neurosciences(NIMHANS), Bangalore

    Clinical Observership in Microsurgery: Toolo university, Helsinki, Finland

    Paediatric neurosurgery fellowship: Alberta Children’s hospital, University of Calgary, Canada

    Epilepsy/ Functional Neurosurgery fellowship: Foothills Medical Center, University of Calgary, Canada & UZGent, Ghent University, Belgium

Areas of interest & unique expertise

Neuro-oncology: Awake surgeries, fluorescence guided resection for intraaxial lesion like glioblastoma, skull base tumours( cranial & endonasal endoscopic) like schwannoma, chordoma, meningioma

Functional neurosurgery: Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and OCD, spasticity surgeries(rhizotomy, IBT), Sacral neuromodulation, spinal cord stimulation, Programmable VP shunt

Epilepsy surgery: ECoG guided resection, functional hemispherotomy & quadrantectomy, vagal nerve stimulation, callosotomy, temporal lobectomy

Paediatric neurosurgery: Hydrocephalus( open shunt and endoscopic), spinal dysraphism( spinabifida), spasticity, craniosynostosis(open & endoscopic) and craniofacial diseases, pediatric tumours, craniovertebral junction anomalies



    1. Myelopathy in a dwarf: a case of Morquio's syndrome without odontoid hypoplasia.

    Shukla D, Arvind S, Devi BI.

    Neurol India. 2011 Jan-Feb;59(1):126-7.

    2. Differential expression of a novel voltage gated potassium channel - Kv1.5 in astrocytomas and its impact on prognosis in glioblastoma.

    Arvind S, Arivazhagan A, Santosh V, Chandramouli BA.

    Br J Neurosurg. 26. 16-20. 2012

    3 .Results of invasive EEG from a large epilepsy centre

    Amber Perez Fernandez, Arvind Sukumaran, Dirk Van Roost

    Presented at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Dominican Republic ( June 2018)

    4. Fluorescence guided glioma excision using a novel & cost-effective solution : Experience with 25 cases

    A.Sukumaran, R.Easwaran

    E-poster presented at the EANS2018, Brussels ,October 2018

    5.Pediatric to adult Hydrocephalus: A smooth transition

    Hong MA, Sukumaran A, Riva-Cambrin J.

    Neurol India 2021;69:S376-80.

    6. Amygdalar cavernoma trans MTG resection: Educational video

    Arvind Sukumaran, ILAE Neurosurgical Educational video section

    Link to the video

    March 2023



  • 04/2010 to Present – Life member, Neurological Society of India
  • 06/2012 to present – Life member, Indian Medical Association, Trichy Chapter
  • 06/2018 to present- International Member, European Association of Neurosurgical Societies(EANS)
  • 09/2018 to present- Life member, Tamilnadu Association of Neurosurgeons (TANS)
  • 07/2020 to present –Fellow member, American Association of Neurological Surgeons(AANS)
  • 10/2021 to present – Life member, Indian Society for paediatric neurosurgery(INDSPN)
  • 10/2021 to present- Life member, Indian society for Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery(ISSFN)
  • 12/2021 to present – Member, Spina Bifida foundation of India
  • 08/2022 to present – Life member, Indian Epilepsy society (IES)
  • 09/2022 to present – Life member, International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
  • 11/2022 to present – Life member, Society for Neurocritical care (SNCC)
  • 01/2023 to present – Life member, International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery( ISPN)
  • 02/2023 to present – Life member, Indian Society of Neuro Oncology (ISNO)
  • 06/2023 to present – Life member, Society for Intraoperative Neurophysiology (SION)

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