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Indore, 03rd August 2022: The team led by Dr. Sarita Rao, Sr. Intervention Cardiologist, and Dr. K. Roshan Rao, Sr. Intervention Cardiologist, Dr. Vikas Gupta, Sr. Cardiac Anesthetist, Dr. Kshitij Dubey, Sr. Cardiac Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Indore performed a procedure using the most advanced Left ventricular assist device, “Impella” also making it amongst the first such case in Central India.

Sujalpur based patient Mr. Arjun was a diabetic, was sick and had several episodes of heart attacks, went into a heart failure. He reached the Vijay Nagar based Apollo Hospitals with his week old echocardiogram and Angiogram report on July 25thwith a lot of hope and prayers. After a detailed review the team led by Dr. Roshan and Dr. Sarita Rao knew they didn’t have much time at hand. With an ejection factor as low of 5% time for the patient was fast running out. The team explored multiple options including cardiac transplantation, but the patient’s condition and associated medical co-morbidities.

With limited options and time the team decided to opt for a relatively new procedure, with a mechanical heart called “Left ventricular assist device” also known as Impella. The System has a small blood pump at the end of a thin, flexible tube (catheter). It is usually inserted through a blood vessel in a patient’s leg. Once implanted, it pumps blood for the left side of the heart to different parts of the body. Its important to note here that the left ventricle is the thickest of the heart’s chambers and is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to brain and other organs and therefore restoration of its function in a heart failure is key. The device while implanted is connected outside of the body to an external console, and while ‘on’ allows the left ventricle to rest by performing some of the heart’s work whereby improving a patient’s heart function physician performs the necessary treatment (angioplasty, stent placement, etc.)

Artificial Heart

Impella is the world’s most advanced Left ventricular assist device available and functions on magnetic field. Blood clotting is almost negligible, thereby reducing the chances of stroke. The best part is that the unit has memory to adapt to the patient’s parameters quickly.

Speaking about the procedure, Dr. Sarita Rao, Sr. Intervention Cardiologist said “Patients of heart failure, those not fit for heart transplant, terminal heart patients and also those who have no other option, can immensely benefit from this procedure. This is amongst the most recent and advanced Heart procedure and we happy to bring this to our city as our patients deserve the best’’
Speaking on the occasion, patient Arjun shared “This is nothing less than a miracle, I had lost all hope as I had visited many doctors and hospital in Indore and they all said it was difficult and almost started counting my days. Meeting Dr. Rao at Apollo changed my life. He said you are in a tough situation but Iam hopeful with this new technology we have hope and we will try. Today three days post my procedure I am feeling excellent, I don’t have any pain and I look up to life with a new hope. I want to thank the entire team at Apollo Indore for being such a blessing my doctors, cathlab staff, anesthesia team, the nurses, the ICU staff, doctors and everyone who did their best to save me. My message to patients when you are down with a medical problem please do not panic, we have several options in Indore and you need not go looking for hospitals outside Indore or even abroad. My case was also transmitted live in case and while I my procedure was on there doctors from all over India and Asia watching live and I could hear doctor discussing and interacting with consultants answering questions and discussing my case’’

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. K. Roshan Rao, Sr. Intervention Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Indore, ‘When he approached us we thought of helping him out despite of all the medications he was on and past procedures, Arjun heart failure meant he was running out of time. So we explained the entire procedure to him and me told him about the availability of temporary artificial heart “Impella” and that we will do Angioplasty of the patient with the support of this temporary artificial heart for which he agreed. The availability of the latest technology including ultramodern imaging system OCT and IVUSS and a team of super specialist from all specialties to support during the complex procedure as this, supported by a very skilled ICU team at our hospital gives us the strength to perform a high end case as this during a live Asia-Pacific workshop held in Hyderabad and watched by the world”
Dr. Ashok Bajpai, Sr. Consultant and Director, Apollo Hospitals, Indore shared “at Apollo Hospitals, Indore, we are fully committed to give our patients the best treatment to ensure best results. Our hardworking team uses the right expertise and technology at each step of the treatment and makes sure the patient and his/her family is well acquainted with the process and expectations. The use of advanced left ventricular assist device I ‘am sure will mark a new beginning in our journey to saving more hearts”

Dr. Devendra Bhargava, Sr. Consultant and Director, Apollo Hospitals, Indore on the occasion shared his wishes with the cardiac team for their achievement.

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