Apollo’s ICU management and critical care, protocols, and handover are among the best in the country…

Intensive Care Unit

Infection Controls

  • Our infection control protocols pertain to a wide spectrum of interventions & have been developed jointly with intensivists & anesthetists
  • ICUs – high-risk areas for the patient where life-threatening mistakes & omissions in care can occur
  • Checklist of care should be addressed daily
  • Critically ill patients highly vulnerable to healthcare-associated infection, resulting in significant morbidity & prolonged length of hospital stay
  • Responsibility of every member of the health care team to ensure compliance with hospital and unit infection control policies – like hand-washing before & after examining a patient; use of alcohol hand rubs; use of sterile barriers & disposable gloves; safe disposal of all sharps & patient consumables; & traffic control
  • Bedside Analysis – checklist use has reduced ALOS & improved infection control indices

Clinical Handovers

  • Standardised procedure for clinical handover
    • enhances patient’s safety by providing vital information at a glance to the care providers
    • enhances ability of attending staff member to identify potential source of problem
  • Transfer of care from physician to physician or nurse to nurse in case of change of location or change of shifts
  • Includes accurate information about
    • patient’s care
    • treatment and services
    • verbal order
    • test results
    • current condition
    • recent or anticipated changes
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