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At Apollo Hospital Indore, we believe that consumers should know, long before they get their bill, what a hospital will charge for the services provided. As part of our effort to increase price transparency Apollo Hospitals introduced Apollo Surgery, a surgical package program with assured pricing.

The Apollo Surgery program, backed by the trust built over three decades, is committed to providing guaranteed (assured) price transparency for any surgery to help patients and their families make the most informed decision for their healthcare needs. The specialists, nurses and the staff at work together closely to ensure that surgeries are handled with the utmost professionalism, always keeping in Apollo Hospitals, the well-being and comfortable recovery of a patient
Apollo Surgery will ensure that the indicative cost of surgery matches with the price mentioned at the time of financial counselling and on the website, and the same is paid by our consumer at the time of discharge.

At, Apollo Hospital Indore we have state-of-the-art technology, best medical expertise, and advanced surgical procedures creating accessibility to deliver safe, effective and patient-centered care with excellent clinical outcomes at assured price.




FAQS Apollo Surgery at Indore?

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