The Emergency Services at Apollo Hospitals are being managed by the National Network of Emergency Services. The equipment, systems, and protocols for these emergency rooms have been standardized for application across the country.

The National Network of Emergency Services

The Emergency services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. All kinds of medical emergencies are managed by the emergency room. The paramedics and medical staff in our BLS and ACLS emergency rooms have a fleet of fully equipped ambulances stationed at various locations to facilitate easy access in an emergency.

The ER accommodates all kinds of medical emergencies stroke, MI, Road traffic accidents, domestic accidents, snakebite, paralysis, Head Injury, Drug overdose, poison intakes, Airway obstruction, etc.

The ER has a multidisciplinary approach in designing the plan of care. Apollo Hospitals, Indore is accredited by Joint Commission International. The protocols followed according to determined pathways keeping in view the needs of the patient and intensity of the condition.

For all medical emergencies dial 1066 from any fixed or mobile phone to contact the emergency control.


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