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Hand & Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Hand & Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Hands are the basic unit of human productivity. The orchestration of multiple tissues within the hand explains the functional sophistication that each of us is capable of. It is a paradox of nature that our hands can demonstrate motor skills that exceed the performance of the eye. The tactile (sensory) end organs of the hand are exquisite substitutes for the eyes.

But hands are vulnerable to injury, disease, paralysis, and infection.

The art of Hand Surgery and Peripheral Nerve surgery encompasses the management of a multitude of conditions, requiring fine hand instruments, operating loupes, operating microscope, and tissue-specific instrumentations.

Our Hands are magnificent end devices- very precious real estate of our body! We can’t imagine leading our life without them for all our activities of daily living, our travel, and communication, our occupation and recreation. Hands need to be safeguarded throughout life. The Apollo Hospitals provide the necessary expertise in hand care whenever it is required for any condition that compromises the integrity and function of the hand.

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