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Apollo Hospital NoidaDr. Virad Kumar

Dr. Virad Kumar

Dr. Virad Kumar

Dr. Virad Kumar

Dr Virad Kumar Bansal is a renowned ENT / Otorhinolaryngologist specialising in sinusitis management and treatment. He also conducts regular ENT check-ups to address the various health concerns of patients of all ages. As one of the leading ENT specialists in Noida, he effectively treats patients with severe ENT conditions and holds the highest success rate among his peers.

Usually, Dr Kumar Bansal recommends a treatment that requires minimal intervention through non-invasive methods like medication therapy and pain-relieving anaesthetics, like lidocaine. However, he performs significant surgeries, like mastoidectomy, when needed. He also has expertise in treating and prescribing medication for trigeminal nerve damage for pain control.

Notably, ENT specialisation involves managing severe conditions like inner ear (sensorineural) hearing loss due to facial nerve injury and other complications. These conditions are curable irrespective of the age or severity of the conditions.

ENT doctors or Otorhinolaryngologists undergo extensive specialised training and gather experience in detecting the cause of ear pain, hearing loss, etc. The doctors also diagnose and cure problems related to the nasal and throat area, such as a stuffy nose and issues of the lungs.

With more than 15 years of medical experience, Dr Virad Kumar is one of the best ENT specialists in Noida to help patients with ENT problems. His mild and friendly demeanour has earned him popularity among his countless patients. However, he also demonstrates extreme patients when it comes to solving the problems of his clients.

In the words of Dr Kumar, “Patients may find it challenging to manage pre-existing health issues during winter as the harsh cold weather exacerbates them. This can lead to increased infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and allergies. To combat this, it's advised that patients "brace themselves" for the winter season.”




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  • Distinguished ENT Surgeon LIFELINE EXPRESS
  • AOICON 1st Prize
  • ISOCON 1st Prize
  • – Novel treatment of post-mastoidectomy bleed using Endovascular microcoils, American Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
  • – Congenital Esophageal duplication cyst: A rare entity, International Journal of Pediatric Otolaryngology
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