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Dr. Shikha Bani

Dr. Shikha Bani

Dr. Shikha Bani

Dr Shikha Bani is an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist associated with Apollo Hospitals. Considered one of the best ENT specialists in Delhi, Dr Shikha treats conditions such as ear infections, nasopharyngeal issues, cysts, neck cancer, tonsillitis, ear reconstruction and adenoid surgery among other treatments.
The sensitive tissues in the ear and nose need understanding, technique and experience for treatment. This is out of the range of diseases treated by a general practitioner. Doctors like Dr Shikha have the much-needed experience in the field to treat all ENT-related conditions. Dr Bani handles head and neck-related cancer surgeries also, and with her vast experience, she is ideal for treating all ENT-related symptoms and issues.
Apart from audiometry tests, ear wax removal and ear infections, ENT doctors treat a vast range of other ENT conditions. Specialists like Dr Shikha have the knowledge of using the right equipment needed for the procedure and can communicate with patients about their problems, putting them at ease. For patients with hearing problems, the right audiometry test and hearing aid can transform their lives. However, finding the right doctor is essential, and Dr S Bani is the best option here.
With 20 years of experience, Dr Shikha Bani is a caring human being who puts the needs of her patient before her own. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. In Dr Bani's words, "It’s the extra effort that makes a difference; then the ordinary becomes extraordinary." With all his expertise, Dr S Bani is considered one of the best ENT specialists in Delhi.



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