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Advanced Orthopaedic Care in Chennai

Pioneers in the field, Apollo Hospitals have been responsible for some of the most game-changing landmarks in Orthopedics care in India.

The Apollo Institutes of Orthopedics symbolises over 35 years of clinical excellence. The Institute has pioneered in many innovative techniques in Orthopedic care in India. Treatments ranging from non-surgical management of minor disorders to complex minimally invasive procedures to correct major injuries and skeletal deformities are provided. Sports medicine and Arthroscopy, major joint replacements, correction of hand and foot deformities, spinal care, bone tumour surgery, Paediatric Orthopedics surgery, and modern Physical therapy are some of the services provided.

The Apollo Institute of Orthopedics has renowned doctors who are fellowship-trained and offer excellent clinical outcomes. The institute has advanced and world-class operating rooms, equipped with exclusive operating suites and gadgets. Superior diagnostic facilities and recovery suites ensure the patient’s safety and the highest quality care.

At the Apollo Institutes of Orthopedics, we offer state-of-the-art facilities, namely Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) options for joint replacements, spinal surgeries and fracture fixation, Computer-Navigated Surgery, Robotic-aided surgeries, and rehabilitation services which further ensure speedy recovery to the patient with minimal pain and minimal incision.

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai is among the few centres in Asia to perform Paediatric Orthopedics surgery, thus placing us at the forefront in the management of spinal disorders. We also specialise in areas of care like Paediatric Orthopedics and Orthopedic Oncology.



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