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Intensive and Coronary Care Unit

When the sick gets critically ill, they need round-the-clock care. Get constant medical care and attention from the experts of Apollo Hospitals – one of the best critical care hospitals in India.

Our adept staff and state-of-the-art technologically advanced equipment provide the required support for instability (hyper- or hypotension), airway or respiratory compromise (ventilator support), acute renal failure, cardiac arrhythmias, or the cumulative effects of multiple organ failure, more commonly referred to now as multiple organ dysfunction syndromes.

Clinical Teams

We also put a great deal of emphasis on areas such as nurses’ training, standardizing care through clinical pathways, and the identification of ethical and economic issues pertaining to critical care.

Our team of critical care specialists tirelessly work toward ensuring the survival of the most critically ill patients. They are trained in the world’s best institutes. Our whole team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics work in tandem, using strict protocols, to minimise infections, complications, and ensure speedy recovery.

Intensive Care Unit

The ICU management in Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Madurai, are trained to keep a close eye on patients needing intensive or invasive monitoring who are considered too unstable to transfer to a less intensively monitored unit. Apollo Hospitals’ department of critical care medicine combines various specialities and technologies to ensure higher chances of survival of patients who are acutely and critically ill.

When a patient is moved to intensive care at Apollo Hospitals, India, they can be assured that the team tirelessly works towards the overall well-being of the patient. And thanks to the medical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Apollo Hospitals has redefined intensive care medicine in India and has established itself as one of the best critical care services in India.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

At Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Madurai, the Coronary Care Unit is a specialised hospital ward that treats patients with acute or serious heart problems and helps patients recovering from heart surgery.

It is equipped with the latest technology and trained medical personnel, managing critically ill patients round the clock every day becomes easy. We treat serious, acute, and unstable cardiac conditions such as acute heart attack.

Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU)

The Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit is designed keeping in mind post the operative cardiac and thoracic patients’ care. With our technologically advanced machines and trained professional, the critically ill patients get extensive care and support for the best medical outcome.
Our expert team of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and cardiothoracic intensive care unit specialists work together to offer patient-centric care and treatment. Your loved ones are in good hands.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Children’s anatomy is different from that of an adult. Therefore, it is important to have a specialist to check them out. The same is true in case of emergency and critical care.
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is designed to provide children with the highest level of medical care for accident-related, post-surgical, and critically ill patients. Our expert team of nurses and doctors are here to keep a close eye on heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, monitor medicine dosage, and provide therapy for quicker recovery.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Babies need special care and attention. And that is the reason, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Madurai, provides world-renowned high-quality care for new born babies. We provide services such as:

  • Specialised care for babies born at 24 weeks or later and new born children with various complex surgical and cardiac issues.
  • Conventional and high frequency ventilation along with nitric oxide
  • Total body cooling with Tecothem (Therapeutic Hypothermic) for babies born with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephelopathy.
  • Follow up care and Neurodevelopmental assessment in outpatients to monitor the progress of infants treated in our NICU.
  • All babies go through OAE screening or hearing before discharge.
  • Retinopathy of prematurity screening programme is done by our dedicated team of Ophthalmologists.

Our neonatal Unit has well trained nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, pharmacists and dieticians at your service to keep your mind at ease.

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