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Dr. Deepak K Gupta MD

Breathing is the crux of our lives; the effects of inhalation and exhalation of air extend far beyond the basic exchange of air in and out of the body. They extend to the functioning of the heart and lungs as well as to subtle molecular processes through which the body’s energy production is maintained. We breathe with the help of the respiratory system which includes the lungs, the airways, and the respiratory muscles. A problem with any of these will result in difficult respiratory conditions which require immediate treatment. Respiratory medicine also has improved significantly and treating respiratory disorders are much more effective now than in the past.

Pulmonologists are specialized doctors for treatment of respiratory diseases. Pulmonology is classified as an internal medicine sub-specialty as it involves a variety of clinical problems and it requires specialists to provide treatment.

We offer treatment for lung diseases, allergies, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, lung infections, sleep disorders, pleural diseases etc. Our pulmonology department has the best Pulmonologist in Bilaspur.

We have a dedicated pulmonology department which provides medical assistance for treating any major to minor medical problems in the respiratory system. Our department’s doctors, nurses and other staff members are abreast with the latest techniques and discoveries happening in pulmonology, through various national and international workshops and trainings. Our pulmonology doctors in Bilaspur facilities are well qualified and experienced, and hold a record of excellence in critical care and clinical pulmonology, including speciality areas such as Interventional Pulmonology.

What makes us the best respiratory care in Bilaspur is our customized, multispecialty facilities provided to our patients. Our pulmonologists utilize the most advanced diagnostic techniques working in collaboration with other surgeons and therapists.

Our pulmonology hospital in Bilaspur is one of the best in the country for treatment of respiratory diseases, lung conditions, asthma, and we have state of the art equipment to conduct complex investigations like transbronchial lung biopsies and endobronchial ultrasounds. We provide unique respiratory care at our department of pulmonology in Bilaspur, and we are specialized in treatment and management of critically ill patients with latest tests, procedures, services and treatments.

Our pulmonologists are one among the best in the region with their subject knowledge and working experience. Apollo Bilaspur hospital for pulmonology is always dedicated to providing the most effective treatment for our patients with long lasting results.

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