Apollo Hospitals Bilaspur Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

Dr Jignesh Pandya, MD DNB (Nephrology)

Dr Jayant kanaskar, MS, DNB

Dr. Milind Naththuji Dekate MS

Kidney transplantations have a key role in providing extended life for patients with end stage renal diease. Thanks to the innovations in medical science it has become possible to transplant kidneys with much ease and minimal risk.

Apollo Hospital Bilaspur is a one-stop hospital for all multi-organ transplant procedures in Bilaspur. We offer facilities that are one of the best in the world and comprehensive transplantation programs. We are the first in the region to successfully perform ABO incompatible (Non matching blood group between donor and recipient). Only live related donors are taken as per state government guidelines and permission.

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