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Rare kidney tumour surgery With Robotics

Kidney Tumour

March 30, 2022, National: A 58-year-old gentleman was suffering from rare kidney tumour which was successfully treated at Apollo Hospitals, Indore by a team of doctors led by Dr. Saurabh Chipde, Senior Consultant Urology, & Robotic Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Indore & Dr. Ashwin Tamhankar, Uro-Onco surgeon, Apollo Cancer Canter, Navi Mumbai

The patient’s name withheld for anonymity was an account consultant had arrived at the Vijay Nagar based Apollo hospital with urinary complaints. On investigation, he was found to have a complex tumour at lower pole of kidney. Patient had an uncommon vascular anatomy with three veins draining the kidney, which was a technical challenge for surgeon. As the tumour was located at periphery, the decision was taken to remove the affected area with preservation of maximum kidney tissue, which is called as partial nephrectomy. This procedure is conventionally done by open surgery which requires a long incision, but with newer minimally invasive techniques, this can be done with several small incisions.

Robotics Surgery

Dr. Saurabh Chipde, Senior Consultant Urology, & Robotic Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Indore, said, ‘Post thorough examination I suggested him to undergo robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy. The patient was particular about the follow-up care and having the surgery by me, so a decision was taken to utilize the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Suite at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. The patient responded and recovered very well and is today back to his normal life.

Dr. Saurabh, added the advent of technology bring with it assurance of a near 100% accuracy which is key when it comes to surgeries involving major organs. With Artificial intelligence, the robot was able to guide us with utmost precision and that resulted in superior outcomes which we are able to see with our patient.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Varun (name changed for anonymity) shared, I’m so happy about my decision to go for my Robotic surgery with Dr. Chipde. I must add undergoing a surgical procedure is very emotional and tough moment for any body and was the same for me and my family, but Dr Chipde and his team Apollo took extra care at every moment to make us me and my family comfortable. Today with my problem behind me I’m able to come back and attend to my work and my family like I used to earlier”

Dr Ashok Bajpai, Sr. Consultant and Director, Apollo Hospitals, Indore said, “Apollo Hospitals has always been at the forefront when it comes to bringing in cutting-edge medical technology that helps provide the best of services to our patients. With improved surgical techniques such as minimally invasive or robotic surgery and better pain management methods, there is less blood and muscle loss with recovery faster and easier, making such complex Urology surgeries a reality. We are proud of Dr. Chipde’s contribution in evolving the level of offering with the assistance of technology today with Artificial intelligence and Robotics.

Dr. Chipde has got the surgical training from India’s leading institutes AIIMS& SGPGI, and Robotic training from RPCI, New York. His experience in the field makes it convenient for our patients to consult and avail care right here.

The hospital also launched Robotic Urology Helpline, where patients can know more about the Robotic Urology procedures and its advantage followed by a free consultation where needed. The Helpline number is 9977167421.

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