About Us

With an objective to deliver excellence in medical education, research and clinical care, Apollo Hospitals initiated Apollo Knowledge Series (AKS). The Apollo Knowledge Series is the result of a wealth of knowledge gained over 37 years of providing high-quality, innovative continuing educational programs for Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals worldwide.

AKS is the perfect solution for Clinicians looking to stay abreast in their specialty as it helps them to access the latest information and evidence of the moment, for staying current with the new clinical trends and techniques. It not only provides the Clinicians the opportunity for continuing their medical education but also helps them to connect with their peers.

Apollo Knowledge Series offer a wide array of curated, structured and clinically relevant educational resources to medical professionals across the world by engaging some of the most renowned specialists from various fields of medicine.

The Knowledge Series, are categorised as under, to help Clinicians quickly appreciate and take part in programs that are on topics of their interest and relevance

  • MediNew: The MediNew series are on topics that are on the latest developments across different medical and surgical specialities
  • MediVance: The MediVance series are on topics that are highly specialised areas, including innovations and advancements related to super specialities

The clinical and research information for education by our Knowledge Series will enable participants to improve not only their skills and knowledge but also the clinical outcomes for their patients.

Today, Apollo Knowledge Series is one of the global leaders in the promotion of continuing education among healthcare professionals . The aim of AKS is to keep the clinical staff and medical practitioners up to date with latest developments, knowledge, procedures and technology in clinical care.