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Proton Cancer Centre

Proton Cancer Centre

In the world of medical technology, "state-of-the-art" is a continually upgrading objective and the recent technological advances in genomics and the molecular sciences have opened new vistas to accelerate knowledge about the genetic and environmental components of cancer initiation, promotion and progression through studies in Molecular Epidemiology.

The Proton Cancer Centre at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai will be the first proton cancer centre in South East Asia to identify priority areas for Research & Development and related areas and will carry out basic and applied research. It will develop cancer control strategies which will include newer modalities of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The Proton Cancer Centre will focus on organ specific cancer management and will have a dedicated Apollo Oncology Team. Proton Beam Therapy provides an advanced radiation treatment option for the oncologists. The treatment provided is highly precise and the radiation is focused directly into the tumor, without causing any harm to the adjoining tissues. Tumours in difficult to access areas such as, in head, neck, brain, pancreas and prostate can be targeted. Paediatric cancer patients will also benefit to a greater extent from this technology.

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