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A 3-day-old newborn was successfully treated for dual occipital Encephalocele with split cord malformation type 1, with D8/9 level bony septum.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 23 Dec,2019

About the patient and condition

A 3-day-old female baby was born in another hospital and was referred to Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow with Split Cord Malformation type 1 with a D8/9 level bony septum between two hemicords.


Case Scenario

The 3-day-old neonate presented at Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow with an occipital cystic swelling since birth and thoracic spine kyphosis. The MRI Spine showed Split Cord Malformation Type 1 with D8/9 level bony septum between two hemicords. Cranial MRI showed Dual Occipital encephalocele with herniation of occipital lobe into the sac with no hydrocephalus and with obliteration of Rt transverse sinus. Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh and Dr. Prarthana Saxena from the Department of Neuro Surgery decided to operate on the newborn baby without any further delay. Two surgeries were performed in the same setting;


Worldwide Scenario

This is a very rare case scenario where Dual Occipital encephalocele along with Split Cord Malformation type 1 present in the same patient. Only one such case was found to be reported.


Expertise at Apollo Hospitals

With round-the-clock availability of micro Neurosurgery equipments, our Neurosurgeons have performed many such rare cases at Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow. Our well-trained Anaesthesia team and post-operative care has helped us to get better results post-surgery.

The new born baby was operated by Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh and Dr. Prarthana Saxena. In the first surgery, excision and repair of the occipital encephalocele was done and the second surgery involved a D8-9 laminectomy with excision of bony septum with dural reconstruction and cord detethering with excision of intradural lipoma.

The bony septum dividing the spinal cord into two hemicords was excised. Also, a lipoma compressing the spinal cord was excised. The dura mater was repaired and reconstructed into single dural canal.

Postoperatively, the child was extubated on postop day 1. Child showed good recovery with no neurological deficits and feeds were taken orally.


Apollo Hospitals – Touching Lives

These surgeries are highly complicated and challenging considering the very young age of the baby. Such surgery requires clinical expertise and well equipped operation theatres with advanced equipments. Successful execution of these rare, complex and risky surgeries can only be done at well-equipped facilities such as Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow.


Patient’s testimonial

The father of the baby said, “My baby was just 3 days old but she is a born fighter. We took her to almost all the best hospitals in Lucknow but considering her tender age, none of them agreed to take up her case. Our family was completely despondent, and I feared that I would lose my baby. In my office, our head of department shared my baby’s medical report with the doctor and Dr. Sunil immediately took up my daughter’s case. My baby received immediate care and attention. She was evaluated and operated under the care of Dr. Sunil Singh and Dr. Prarthana Saxena. When we were told that the operation was successful, we had no words to express our gratitude to the doctor and his team. Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow has given my daughter a new lease of life for which we will forever be grateful. This is the rebirth of my daughter.”

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
23 Dec,2019
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