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Quality could mean different things to different people. But, for us at Apollo Hospitals, what is most paramount is the quality of clinical care given to each patient who is treated by us.

High-quality, evidence-based care (care that is proven) leads to saving more lives and less time in the hospital. Quality care also means safer care for patients. This involves constantly and proactively looking at processes to improve safety and, in turn, quality.

Why is this important to know?

Quality is measured in many ways. There are Process Indicators (those that measure parameters such as timeliness and baseline practices) and Outcome Indicators (such as mortality rates, infection rates and complication rates).

When choosing a hospital, a consumer can look at these indicators and compare them among hospitals. They can also look at a hospital's national and international accreditations (seals of approval for quality care).

We, at Apollo Hospitals, pursue clinical quality through many initiatives:

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