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Apollo’s Centre for Liver Disease and Transplantation has completed 500 Liver transplants in a short time span with a success rate of over 90 percent

Date: 30 Sep 2015

Apollo's Centre for Liver Disease and Transplantation has completed 500 liver transplantations in less than 8 years with over 90% success rate, creating a milestone in the history of medicine.

There is a noticeable rise in the cases of liver diseases in India which will result in a greater need for treatment in the coming future than the current availability. As a pioneer in the healthcare sector, Apollo Hospitals is fortifying the facilities throughout the country to meet and battle the need.

This milestone was achieved by The Centre for Liver Disease & Transplantation, Apollo Hospitals led by Dr. Anand Khakhar,S enior Consultant, Program Director; Dr. Anand Ramamurthy, Senior Consultant; Dr. Anil Vaidya, Senior Consultant; Dr. Manish Varma, Senior Consultant; Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty, Senior Consultant along with Consultants Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Dr. Prashantha S Rao, Dr. Elan Kumaran, Dr. Anurag Shrimal and Hepatologists Dr. N. Murugan, Dr. Mahesh Goenka and Dr. Rajesh Prabhu and Anesthetics by Dr.Vasanth Ruban and team and the Critical Care Unit - Dr.Manjunath and Dr.Manish Pathak along with the Coordinators who possess outstanding clinical skills.

Liver failure is a potentially fatal condition in which the liver progressively stops performing its functions resulting in episodes of jaundice, accumulation of fluid in the body, blood vomiting and confusion. Conditions such as Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection, excess alcohol consumption, diseases such as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis can cause this state.

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