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Apollo Hospitals saves the life of 3 individuals; achieves the feat of transplanting the liver of a single donor into two adult recipients; successfully performs an isolated intestinal transplantation and transplants the abdominal wall- the first ever cas

Date: 16 Mar 2015

In case of a liver transplantation, the liver is normally used for a single recipient, occasionally split for the benefit of an adult and child, but in this occasion, the donated liver was successfully split and transplanted in two adults; a feat that is rarely achieved.

Surgeons who have also performed the first Multi-Visceral transplant in India repeated this rare feat by performing an isolated Intestinal transplantation from the same donor to a young adult who had been struggling for life since childhood due to intestinal failure.

Simultaneously, surgeons also successfully transplanted the abdominal wall of the same donor over and above the intestines of another recipient, in-order to overcome the difference in size between the donor and recipient's abdomens - a first of its kind in South India.

These series of feats was achieved by The Centre for Liver Disease & Transplantation, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai led by by Dr.Anand Khakhar,Senior Consultant, Program Director and Dr.Anil Vaidya, a leading Multi-Visceral transplant surgeon from Oxford University along with the CLDT team comprising of Dr.Manish Varma,Consultant; Dr.Anand Ramamurthy,Consultant; Dr.Mahesh Gopashetty, Consultant; Dr.Bipin Vibhute, Consultant and Dr.Prashant Rao, Consultant who undertook this endeavor with courage and outstanding clinical skills.

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