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Apollo Hospitals, Delhi conducted a surgery costing Rs.19 lakhs, free of cost and gave a new lease of life to a poor patient !

Date: 13 Jan 2012

Rupees 19 Lakhs were needed to save the life of a poor patient who was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis and Hypothyroidism but unfortunately Satpal did not have money for his treatment. In this situation, Apollo Hospitals took a decision to conduct his surgery, free of cost.

Patient Satpal Singh says that Apollo, in particular Dr. Subash Gupta gave him a new life. I am alive because of the efforts of Dr. Subash otherwise rest of the hospitals had lost all hopes considering my condition. According to Dr. Subash Gupta, Satpal was suffering from Hypothyroidism, in this situation which appears because of additional thyroid hormone secreted in his body.

He was also suffering from swelling in his feet and ankles. Different tests were conducted for this and it was found that he was not only suffering from hypothyroidism but also with diseases like liver cirrhosis. His liver was damaged. The only solution for this was liver transplantation but a Liver transplantation surgery is quite costly. Satpal needed 19 lakhs for this surgery but he did not have that much money. But at last, a successful life saving surgery was conducted free of cost. According to Dr. Subash Gupta, 30 year old Satpal's situation was so critical that his surgery took a long time. Even after the surgery his situation was quite critical and he was kept in ventilator for 36 hours. Transplant surgeons handled the situation very efficiently and slowly Satpal's situation got better. Now, Satpal is completely fit.

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