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Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully performed a new technique - Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement, a first of its kind in South India

Date: 15 Apr 2015

In yet another medical advancement, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai introduces ""the Ideal Knee"" - the future of Total Knee Replacement through a new technique - Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement, a first of its kind in South India

The surgery was performed on a 63 year old gentleman from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India who came with severe arthritis and deformity of both knees. He also suffered from other co-morbid conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism and Coronary artery disease for which he had undergone a Bypass surgery 5 years ago.

The surgery was performed adopting a new technique - Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement using a Minimally Invasive Subvastus approach for both the knees on 09/04/2015.

The patented technologies of Attune like Gradius TM curve & Softcam TM contact enables smooth and stable flexion and extension of the knee joint without any abrupt jerks, which makes the patient even forget that a surgery was ever performed on them!

As all implants are Hi-flexion implants, Attune gives full flexion like normal healthy knee joint.

Advantages of the Minimally Invasive Subvastus approach includes:

  • Small Incision
  • Muscle Preserving
  • Non Dislocation of the Patella and Tibio Femoral joint
  • Results in less pain and quicker recovery to the patient

The ultimate benefits for the patient from the technique and implant:

  • The implant may last for more than 30 years, so proves to be an ideal implant for young patients
  • Not only are there various sizes but each size has an different anatomy to match the patients morphology which makes the ""Custom made knees available ready made"" (patients need not do a CT/MRI and wait for weeks for the implant to be designed for them).
  • The surgical technique and the implant design offers the patients less pain, quick recovery and the most comfortable knee almost like their natural knee.
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