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Apollo Hospitals, Chennai restructures shattered pelvic bone in just a day; treats patient who sustained multiple fractures

Date: 13 Jul 2015

The patient from Jharkhand sustained grievous injuries when his two-wheeler collided with a moving train and was shifted to the hospital by train.

The incident has also highlighted the importance of a quality trauma care for emergency situations.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh (55) from Chirkunda, Jharkhand, was riding a two wheeler when he collided with a moving train sustaining multiple injuries. Mr. Singh was diagnosed with an open book pelvic fracture, fracture sacrum, fracture of all spinous processes of lumbar vertebrae, fractured dorsal spine, multiple fractured ribs on both sides, blood in abdomen (Hemoperitoneum), and blood in chest (Haemothorax).

Although he was immediately rushed to a hospital in Kolkata, his condition worsened prompting his family to look for other options. Dr. Balaji Srinivasan, Consultant Orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai was consulted and following his advice, a doctor and nurse travelled to Kolkata and helped shift Mr. Singh to Chennai by train.

Mr. Singh was admitted to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai on July 8th. A major 5 hour pelvic surgery was performed, in which a 1 inch key hole was used to fix the big sacral pelvic fracture. The fixation is so stable that the patient has already been mobilized and is on a wheelchair ready to travel back to his hometown in less than 72 hrs.

Commenting about the importance of trauma care, Dr. Balaji Srinivasan said, "Trauma care is as important as any other discipline in medicine and it is crucial that every hospital has the necessary comprehensive medical services in place. Thanks to the facilities and expertise available at Apollo Hospitals, Mr. Singh is now able to return safely back to his hometown."


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