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81-year-old mother donates kidney to save her son’s life

An 81-year-old mother donated kidney to her 54-year-old son at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai
Ms. Kala Shah and her son Mr. Rajen Shah are residents of Mumbai. Mr. Rajen, was suffering from end stage kidney disease and was on hemodialysis 4 times a week since June 2020. He gives a past medical history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
His kidney function was worsening with peak serum creatinine of more than 10 and needed an immediate kidney transplant. In 2021, in order to save Mr. Rajen, his octogenarian mother decided to donate her kidney.
After all the relevant investigations done and when the doctors confirmed that both are medically fit to undergo surgery, the transplant was done. It was ABO Compatible transplant as both mother and son have same blood group i.e. A +ve. The donor doesn’t have any pre-existing diseases and the only risk for the surgery was her age. She went through laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and recovered within 5 days.
The recipient made an uneventful recovery post-surgery. At the time of discharge, both showed normal creatinine levels.

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