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Comprehensive NICU Care for your Little Ones

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Trust Apollomedics for Your Newborn’s NICU Care

The birth of a child brings utter pleasure to the family, as well as feelings that are hard to define and uncontrollable emotions. However, when fate decides, unforeseen circumstances do arise, and small babies can face issues such as being born prematurely, having birth defects, jaundice, breathing difficulties for a variety of reasons, and contracting infections from their surroundings. Caring for such babies is a team effort that includes the neonatologist, allied doctors, and, most importantly, nursing staff. As a result, the primary objective is not simply survival, but continued existence with no physical or mental disabilities for the baby. With cutting-edge technology, we provide the best NICU facility for critically ill newborns.

The NICU Facility at Apollomedics is employed by a neonatologist, as well as qualified nurses and resident doctors who specialise in the care of sick infants. Furthermore, neonatal cardiac and surgical amenities are available around the clock to ensure that such small babies receive the best possible care.

The last two decades have seen the most progress in neonatal care. The following advanced neonatal care services are available at Apollomedics Hospital:
• Mechanical ventilators, both high-frequency and conventional
• Surfactant administration
• Bedside Echocardiography
• Parental feeding
• Phototherapy and blood exchange
• Neurosonography
• Examination of the eyes
• Developmentally appropriate care
• Hearing screening for everyone
Transport for newborns

We hope that by offering these services, we can make a difference in the lives of countless infants born and lead to happiness for their parents, and as the baby returns home fully recovered. In some ways, the work of a neonatal team will always appear to be an exercise in disproportion—an army of folks and a mountain of facilities showing concern for a pound of life.

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