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Introducing Let's Talk Health, an initiative from Apollo Hospitals, where our endeavor is to share knowledge which you can use to keep yourself and your family fit & healthy.

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Yoga For Aching Knees


Chronic lower back pain is common and causes a great deal of stress to most individuals. Of all the spinal problems, lower back pain complaints constitute 50 to 80%. Recurrence of symptoms and the development of chronic low back pain is also a major problem. Research suggests that a disorder of transverse abdominus (TA) and multifidus muscles could be the cause of chronic low back pain. Dysfunction in these muscles also leads to segmental instability in the lumbar spine. Core stabiization forms the basis for training muscles – TA and Multifidus – which helps reduce chronic low back pain.

Intervertebral disc is the space between two vertebrae and consists of a gel like substance that acts as a shock absorber. Excessive pressure due to bad posture results in leakage of the gel and causes compression in the nerves. This results in pain and a tingling sensation. The pain spreads to all those areas through which the nerve passes. The best way to avoid suffering is to strengthen the muscles and maintain good posture. An assessment by a physical therapist can reveal the cause, type and grade of injury. Aerobice exercises are always included in the regime so that lower back pain does not initiate relative disability and thereby lead to lower levels of fitness.

The Range of Motion or the ROM exercises are designed following a clinical assessment, considering demographic and other medical factors. The type of flexibility and ROM exercises often used include:

  • Lumbar extension (in prone lying)
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Hip extensor stretch
  • Postural correction
  • Thoracic extension while sitting

Quick checks
While standing:

  • Knees should be straight and feet at shoulder width, toes pointing straight forward.
  • When standing sideways, it should be possible to draw a line straight through the centre of your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and earlobes.

While sitting:

  • Keep both feet flat on the floor.
  • Make sure your chair has good lumbar (lower back) support or use an additional lumbar support.

While lifting:

  • Ensure the object to be lifted is close to you so that you are more stable.
  • Have your feet at shoulder width to provide a solid base of support.
  • Activate your core muscles to help stabilise the spine.
  • Keeping the back straight throughout, use the legs to push yourself up.

Physical therapy and graded fitness training schedule

Warm-up session
Gentle stretching techniques for the lower limb musculature as they may be very tight. (five minutes)

Workout session
Back Extensors Strengthing ( 30- 40 mins, 3 sets – 10 repetitions each; Interval of 1 minute between each set; Frequency of the exercise: 5 days a week, 2 sessions every day)

1. Prone lying: Hands at the back (on the buttocks) and extend the spine. Hold it for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
2. Prone lying: Hands at the neck level, extend the spine and hold it for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
3. Prone lying: Forearm support, extend the spine and hold it for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
4. Prone lying: Wrist support, extend the spine and hold it for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
5. Prone lying : Lift both the legs to 30 degrees and hold it for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
6. Prone lying: Both hands forward, try to raise both the hands upwards and hold for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
7. Prone lying: Both hands forward, try to raise both hands and legs upwards and hold for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
8. Prone lying: Both hands forward, try to raise alternate hand and alternate leg and hold for 10 counts and relax, repeat the same. (3 sets – 10 repetitions)
9. Prone lying: Quadripod position , opposite hand and opposite leg lifting, hold for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets -10 repetitions)

Graded exercises
Prone lying: Both hands forward, try to raise both the hands upwards with 1kg dumbells and hold for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets-10 repetitions)
Prone lying: Both hands forward, try to raise both the hands and legs upwards with 1kg dumbells and hold for 10 counts and relax. (3 sets-10 repetitions)

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