Surrounded in the clutches of the taboos, she withers. Negligence and hesitation pull her back. On several occasions, she is shunned and her health suffers.

She cannot do the heavy lifting.

She is supposed to be frail and weak.

And no matter what happens, she should strictly keep menstruation under wraps.

However, this is not where it ends. The list of taboos that affect women’s health is endless.

It’s time to put an end to these taboos, sit down, and talk openly about women’s health. Here are 5 facts you must know.

Taboo 1: Pregnant women cannot work.

Fact 1: Women having a normal pregnancy can work until the day they give birth, or very close to it, if their work does not expose them to any harmful chemicals and they are healthy. They do need to take a few precautions, and may also tire more easily during the end of their pregnancy. However, these things can be resolved by taking expert guidance from an experienced gynecologist.

Taboo 2: Vaginal Discharge is unhealthy.

Fact 2: A combination of cells and fluids continuously shed through the vagina to help keep vaginal tissues healthy, avoid infection and irritation, and provide lubrication. The color and consistency of this discharge may vary depending upon the stage of menstrual cycle. However, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal and keeps the vagina healthy in most cases. You need to see a doctor in case there is strong odor, itching, burning or irritation, or green, reddish or yellowish discharge.

Taboo 3: You shouldn’t talk about menstruation because it’s unholy and concerns only women.

Fact 3: Menstruation is a perfectly normal and natural phenomenon. Not talking about it increases misconceptions and puts women’s health at risk. Parents should talk to their kids openly about it to ensure that the kids don’t formulate wrong ideas. Also, talking freely will allow us to raise awareness about various disorders related to menstruation, in turn leading to better treatment.   

Taboo 4: Family planning is irrelevant.

Fact 4: Knowing if you do or don’t want children and planning accordingly not only helps you have a healthy pregnancy, but it also allows you to provide better for your child. In case you want children, then spacing the pregnancies properly is imperative for the mother and the baby’s health. Also, there are several birth control options available which give you the liberty to have a child when you want to. Talking about family planning with your partner and then discussing it with your doctor is the healthy way to start a new family.

Taboo 5: Unmarried girls shouldn’t play sports to keep their virginity intact.

Fact 5: Female virginity is often given much importance, and is sometimes examined by checking if the hymen is intact or not. Hymen is a thin lining of tissue found inside the vaginal opening. It often breaks during the first time a girl has intercourse. However, it may also break if a girl engages in physical activities such as playing sports. For that reason, unmarried girls are told not to play sports. This deprives them of several health benefits. Playing sports not only lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, but also reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes. Engaging in sports also helps teenagers deal with mental stress and build confidence.

Don’t let taboos hold back the women in your life. Know the facts to #CareForHer!



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