Understanding Joint Pain & Bone Damage

Are you someone who is suffering from creaky and achy joints? Or may be suffering from a twinge in the knee? Or experiencing sharp, shooting pain in your limbs?

You might ignore it or think that it is no big deal. Well, you are wrong. We usually assume that joint pain is part and parcel of our day-to-day lives and we somehow learn to live with it. But, if ignored for a long period of time it can become a serious threat and can have life altering repercussions.

What is joint pain?

  • At any point in your life, you might experience bone or joint pain; it has nothing to do with your age. What you can do is to prevent joint pain or delay it by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Understand the underlying symptoms of the bone and joint pain and immediately go to a doctor. The reasons behind bone and joint pain can be various. Sometimes it can be caused by trauma too.
  • Another cause of bone & joint pain can result from lack of calcium in your bones. As you grow older, your bone starts to deteriorate because of the lack of calcium. When you are young, your body produces calcium but as soon as you turn older it’s not the same, which in turn causes the body to take calcium from the bones.
  • Bone & Joint pain can also be a cause of degenerative tissues in your joint. As your body gets older, it doesn’t produce amino acid or enzymes any longer. Hence, it can’t hold off the pain.

What are the other causes of joint & bone pain?

  1. Injury – It is one of the common causes of bone pain. It usually happens when a person has gone through some kind of trauma or accident. Any type of bone damage can cause immense bone pain as well.
  2. Mineral deficiency – Your bone requires different types of minerals and vitamins especially calcium & vitamin D. A deficiency of these can lead something called osteoporosis – a common type of bone disease which causes a lot of bone pain.
  3. Bone cancer – Bone cancer usually originates in the bone itself. It is quite rare but as soon as the cancer cell disrupts & destroys the bone’s normal structure, it causes bone pain.
  4. Infection – If some infection originates in the body and is spread to the bones, then it might cause a serious problem like osteomyelitis. It kills the bones & causes bone pain.

Keeping your joints & bones healthy as well as understanding what can damage them is important for all of us regardless of our age or lifestyle. To know how healthy your joints are, take the joint age test today and if you are experiencing persistent pain, please consult an Orthopaedician at the earliest.

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