Regenerative Therapy & Other Joint Pain Treatment Options

Pain in the joints, inflammation of the knees, joint stiffness, difficulty walking, etc. are all symptoms of an underlying joint problem. Almost always surgery is posed as the first option when treating joint issues. But, several alternatives are also available. Few of the non-surgical options that the doctor may prescribe are listed below:

  • Physical Rehabilitation: It involves long term treatment plans like stretching, proper movement exercises, walking and jogging. Sometimes physical rehabilitation continues in parallel with other surgical plans.
  • Good posture: This involves correcting postural and alignment issues so that the joints do not get affected while walking or running.
  • Chiropractic Therapy: Entails treatment of mechanical disorders involving the skeletal system.
  • Heat Wraps: Heating pads mostly soothe the muscle which in turn relieves the pain.
  • Changes in daily activity: Talking a walk regularly, avoiding lifting heavy things, avoiding stairs, daily rest.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication: They cease swelling of muscles and relieve the

In case none of the above works in the long term treatment of the patient, surgery is advised. Any surgery instills nervousness in a patient. Having a surgery is a major decision and if there are any alternative options before that decision is taken, then they should certainly be explored. Alleviating chronic joint pain with minimal hassle is now a reality.

Now there is another solution to joint disorders, yes you read it correct! It doesn’t involve complicated surgical procedures and is a great innovation in the field of medicine, known as Regenerative Therapy.

What exactly is Regenerative therapy?

Regenerative Therapy is a translational branch of medicine which deals with the technique of re-engineering, replacing and regenerating human cells, organs and tissues in order to establish routine human bodily functions.

Healthy cells are collected from the patient and are cultivated in a cell processing lab for a period of 3-4 weeks. This cultivation is a necessary step to expand the healthy cells into healthy tissues and to keep the culture sterile. Later the healthy culture is injected into the damaged area for the cells to multiply and begin the healing process.

This therapy has its own advantages, such as:

  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques and less infection.
  • Negligible risk of rejection as the cell belongs to the same body.
  • Permanent and natural solution, no requirement of foreign objects inside the body.
  • Lesser time to recover and faster rehabilitation.
  • Less expensive than surgeries.

We at Apollo believe in Regrow rather than replace. Our highly developed medical procedures OSSRON and CHONDRON are both autologous cell therapies which renew damaged cells, tissues and organs as well as naturally heal bone defects.

So Rejoice, relive and regenerate with Regrow rather than replacing. Get a new lease on your life!


  1. Kindly let me know the expense for the treatment and also the tanure of the treatment when one can realise the effect and also the satisfaction.

  2. I have painful knee joint and ankel joint. Alternative solution of joint replacement solution and it’s cost.

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