Regenerative Cartilage Therapy to keep you going

An IT entrepreneur and author, who loved to keep his mind and body running, began experiencing numbness, stiffness and intense pain in his ankle joint. He was diagnosed with a bone degenerative condition called Avascular Necrosis. With diminished stamina and restricted mobility, he feared being confined to a wheelchair.

On consulting a foot and ankle specialist, he was suggested novel bone cell therapy – OSSRONTM, for joint preservation. After the procedure and a brief rehabilitative programme, the follow-up X-Ray and MRI reports revealed new bone formation at the damaged site. He regained complete mobility and strength to perform all his usual activities, without pain or external support. And now, he runs 3-4 kilometres, every day.

Giving you the strength to chase your dreams

Like any 29-year-old, Purvi was balancing a full-time job, with her dream of being a dancer. However, acute and intense pain in her right hip hampered this pursuit. Her condition of Avascular Necrosis of the hip joint had reached a stage where replacement surgery seemed to be the only option. Nevertheless, she connected with a hip specialist, who advised her a natural and biological solution – Bone Cell Therapy, OSSRONTM . A small amount of her body fluid was taken and sent to the RMS REGROW.® Laboratory for bone cell culturing. After 4 weeks, her own cells were implanted at the damaged site.  The post-implant check-up showed bone regeneration and the return of normal hip function. Within 3 months, she was back on her feet, working and dancing her way through life.

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  1. i have a avn-fh in hips problem 2nd stage, i want to do cell therapy, so kindly suggest me, what is a charge of it, where to come to do cell therapy and recovery time. plz reply

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