Pounding headache, nausea, light sensitivity and vomiting are all the annoying symptoms of a migraine. They can cause absolutely incapacitating pain and even completely immobilize a person at times. It is often treated with antinausea drugs and preventive medicines and also involves painkillers.

A migraine is not as uncommon as we think. In fact, according to the Migraine Research Foundation an estimated one billion people are affected by this syndrome globally. A migraine is way more prevalent than asthma and diabetes combined affecting as many as 50 million Indians. Around 3 million of Indians suffer from a chronic migraine. Mostly they choose to live with it and gradually begin depending on painkillers to get rid of the mind numbing pain.

To deal with this incapacitating disorder, Apollo Hospitals has introduced the “Apollo Headache and Migraine Clinic” because it is time to take charge of your headaches and live a healthier and pain-free life. This initiative is a major step towards specialized care and betterment.

Apollo Headache & Migraine Clinic:

Apollo Headache and Migraine Clinic is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary centre that uses a collaborative approach to treat experienced, complex or difficult-to- treat headache conditions. The pain can be localised in some cases whereas sometimes it may affect the entire head.

Headaches may also be a major symptom associated with ailments such as a sore throat, flu and sometimes also with a brain tumour. Apollo Headache and Migraine clinic have a specialised team that helps in diagnosing the underlying cause or the trigger point that is responsible for these headaches. The team consists of renowned neurologists, Interventional pain specialists, physical therapists and pain psychologists to address the symptoms.

Types of Headaches:

Depending on the severity and the trigger points, headaches can be of the following types:

  • Migraine Headaches: Headaches are moderate to severe which cause throbbing on one side of the temple. Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to lights and sounds.
  • Tension headaches: Headaches range from dull to moderate and affect both temples of the head.
  • Cluster headaches: Headaches are just on one side of the temple. They are very severe and can occur up to eight times a day but last less than four hours.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia: A condition that causes episodes of intense facial pain along the trigeminal nerve branches

Apollo Memory Clinic:

Apollo Memory Clinic is a comprehensive centre that is set up to treat people who are concerned about cognitive and memory problems ranging from mild depression to severe dementia. It offers a complete process of diagnosis, relevant information, treatment (when necessary) and advice. For the first time in Chennai, a full-fledged memory clinic is functioning at Apollo Hospitals (Greams Road).

Our Services:

  • Assessment of memory and cognition.
  • Assessment of activities of daily living.
  • Determine accurate diagnosis.
  • Provide education and training.
  • Provide support, advice and training to family and caregivers.



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